Mobile Service Technician

For Service Advisors who need to make workshop clocking more efficient, Mobile Service Technician, a tablet-based clocking app, provides an easy-to-use facility for technicians to clock to jobs in service bays with real-time reporting.


Mobile Service Technicianは、サービス工場での作業時間記録の効率化を求めるサービスアドバイザー向けに開発されたタブレットベースの作業時間記録アプリです。リアルタイムのレポート機能により、整備士がサービス工場での作業時間を簡単に記録できます。

Maximise Convenience -利便性の向上

Technicians can clock on and off conveniently from a tablet.


Improve Recording Accuracy -記録の正確性の向上

Technicians can quickly change their status to keep reporting accurate.


Increase Visibility -可視化の向上

Track the jobs your technicians are working on in real time.


Mobile Service Technician -特徴

No more walking to clock on and off—the fully integrated tablet-based clocking system app for Autoline Drive lets technicians clock wherever they are.


作業の開始と終了時に行う打刻作業が不要になります。Autoline Driveと完全に統合されたタブレットベースの作業時間記録アプリで、整備士がその場で作業時間を記録できます。

Precise Recording -正確な記録

Easily and accurately report on workshop KPIs, invoice via the core Drive DMS, and clock workshop jobs in real-time with mobile.


サービス部門のKPIに関するレポート、コアとなる Autoline Drive DMSを用いた請求書作成、リアルタイムでの作業時間記録など、モバイル端末で簡単にかつ正確に実行できます。

Comprehensive Clocking -包括的な作業時間記録機能

Technicians have the tools to clock on and off all single line jobs with individual, password protected logins. They’ll also be able to clock to jobs or idle quickly to keep their status as accurate as possible.



Reporting & Tracking -レポート機能と追跡機能

Faster job creation, clear warranty reporting, and improved KPI workshop report accuracy, all provide for a streamlined process for tracking activity in real-time.



Create Value with Mobile Service Technician -価値の創出
Mobile Service Technician
  • サービス工場の効率性の向上
  • Increase Workshop Efficiency

    With the ability to clock in from anywhere, technicians are better able to record their activities completely and securely.



  • 正確性の向上
  • Improve Total Accuracy

    Records and times are immediately updated, allowing you to track technician activity and productivity with real-time reporting functionality directly in the DMS.