Implementing a new Dealer Management System is a big decision to take.To be successful, there is a need for good planning and effective project management. SureStart from CDK is an implementation program that reflects your business needs, working in partnership with CDK to achieve a successful project with minimal disruption.



SureStart Process -プロセス

The SureStart process is delivered by CDK's Project Management team with the aim of creating a strong partnership to get the best outcomes for your business. 
SureStartのプロセスは、CDK プロジェクトマネジメントチームが提供し、お客様とのパートナーシップによりお客様の事業に最大限の成果をもたらすことを目的としています。

  • Working together we define roles and responsibilities across the planned implementation (お客様と協力して、導入計画における役割と責任を決定します)

  • Prepare your users with training and consultancy support (ユーザー向けのトレーニングとコンサルティングサポートを準備します) 

  • Provide a smooth and efficient go-live experience (スムーズかつ効率的に運用の開始ができるようにします)

  • Enable a quicker return on your investment (スピーディな資金の回収を実現します)


SureStart Methodology - 方法論

However large or complex your dealership, CDK will work with you in the ways you choose to get the best outcomes for your business. Our six step SureStart methodology is used to achieve a successful DMS implementation.

Step 1:Implementation discovery (導入要件の検討)

Together we will review your implementation requirements and plan your project from start to finish.

  • Understand your goals and objectives for the system (システムに関する目標と目的を把握)
  • Review project scope including hardware and networking requirements (ハードウェアやネットワークの要件を含むプロジェクトスコープを確認)
  • Assign clear project responsibilities (プロジェクトにおける責任の所在を明確化)

Step 2:Project planning (プロジェクトの計画)

Create and agree the implementation project plan. This will incorporate the learning journey, which dovetails with your internal plan. 

  • Communicate timelines and set expectations (タイムラインの周知と目標の設定)
  • Secure project resources (プロジェクトリソースの確保)

Step 3:Installation and preparation (インストールと準備)

The implementation team configures your network, hardware and software in readiness for your go live. 

  • Your tailored learning journey starts here (カスタマイズしたラーニングジャーニーを開始)
  • Review and sign off test conversion / migrated data (テスト用の変換/移行データを確認してサインオフ)
  • Review and sign off document formats / headers (ドキュメントのフォーマット/ヘッダーを確認してサインオフ)

Step 4:Go Live (運用開始)

Careful planning and a strong SureStart partnership results in a successful go live. 

  • Users are ready to do their jobs (ユーザーがそれぞれの業務を開始)
  • CDK consultants are on hand to mentor your users through the first few days of system use (運用開始後数日間はCDKのコンサルタントが現場に常駐し、システムの利用をサポート)

Step 5:Transition Meeting (移行後のミーティング)

Together we will assess the implementation against the plan.

  • Review project scope, objectives and additional requirements (プロジェクトスコープ、目的、追加要件を確認)
  • Evaluate training and implementation (トレーニングと導入の成果を評価)
  • Introduce the CDK support team (CDKサポートチームの紹介)

Step 6:Ongoing business partnership (パートナーシップの継続)

At CDK we are committed to long-lasting partnerships with customers, delivered by an experienced account management team.