Great support, whenever you need it



Service Connect gives your team the highest quality support across all your CDK solutions. Our digital platform is convenient makes waiting on the phone a thing of the past. We have added highly rated Live Chat support to an expanded range of support services -  all available anytime, anywhere you need them.  


Service Connect ではすべてのCDKソリューションの卓越したサポートを提供しています。デジタルプラットフォームでは、これまでのように電話がつながるのを待ち続けることもなく、時間や場所を問わず利用できるライブチャットに対応したサポートサービスも提供しています。

At CDK Global, we provide a dedicated support helpdesk, offering both hardware and software support to all our clients. Our Support Analysts are on hand to help customers identify and solve a wide range of issues. Our clients can rest assured that they are being looked after by specialists who have a wide range of knowledge across a variety of topics.



No more hanging on the phone -電話サポートの不満を解消-

We provide a wide range of support services, including Self-Help tools, Live Chat, Support Communities and Case Logging, many of which can be accessed directly from your DMS.


  • Forget being put on hold - Service Connect is always a mouse click away.
  • Instant Connection - With Live Chat, the second you press Send, we're familiarising ourselves with your needs.
  • Real support, right now. - Connect with the right expertise for every issue, every time.


Fast resolution to your support issues -迅速な問題解決-

Smooth-running IT systems, in particular your dealer management system (DMS), are critical to your dealership success. Should any hardware or software issue occur, we work for a quick resolution to minimize disruption to your operations. 


  • Proactive monitoring of your system hardware
  • Often, we'll know about your problem before you do
  • Our support associates are always ready to help


Choose from a range of innovative support solutions -革新的なサポートソリューション-

Service Connect is your helpful digital support platform, linking you to a variety of digital support services.

Service Connectは、さまざまなデジタルサポートサービスを利用できる便利なプラットフォームです。


  • Knowledge Base: Self-help with a range of support articles and videos
    知識ベース: 自力での解決に役立つ、様々なサポート記事や動画が見つかります
  • Live Chat: Communicate directly with a support associate from your PC, laptop or tablet
  • E-Case logging: Your starting point for hardware-related issues 
  • Communities: Seek help, offer advice and network with your peers