Campaign Manager

Get the complete marketing solution for creating the perfect automotive retail customer experience, with all the tools you need, in one place.



Automate Campaigns -キャンペーンの自動化

Initiate multi-channel campaigns automatically at key points in the customer relationship.




Satisfy Customers -顧客満足度の向上

Personalize customer services with automatic responses and schedules satisfaction calls.




Measure Success -成果の測定方法

Analyse what's working and measure ROI from your campaign dashboard.

キャンペーンダッシュボードでパフォーマンスを分析でき、また ROI を測定できます。

Campaign Manager -特徴

Take control of lead generation and management and set your business up for success. Manage multiple campaigns for different brands, sites or departments from one place and keep in touch with your customers, every step of the way.



Multi-Channel Campaigns

Implement campaigns across SMS, email, letter, and phone with comprehensive campaign planning, scheduling, and automated activation, reaching your audience across the customer lifecycle.



Personalised Journeys

Set up automatic responses to manage inbound enquiries 24/7. Send follow up satisfaction calls, SMS, or email to check if customers are happy with you, and remind customers when services or MOT’s are due.



Marketing Automation -マーケティングの自動化

Automatically contact customers with campaigns at key trigger points, such as test drive follow up, service reminders or amber work follow up. Oversee and coordinate all activity from the campaign planner.



Campaign Dashboards

Pull up a single view of all your activity from your dashboard to report on campaign performance and conversion rates, and to monitor budgets, costs, and ROI.



Campaign Manager -価値の創出
Campaign Manager
  • 必要なツールが勢揃い
  • Access All the Tools You Need

    Campaign Manager is everything you need to manage your marketing communications. From demand generation, to effective enquiry management and right through to loyalty and retention, Campaign Manager is here to help you develop lasting and profitable relationships with your customers.


    Campaign Managerには、マーケティング活動に必要なあらゆるツールが揃っています。需要創出から、問い合わせの効果的な管理、ロイヤリティやリテンションの確保まで、Campaign Managerは、お客様との間に長期的で収益性の高い関係を構築するのに役立ちます。

  • 顧客ロイヤリティの構築
  • Build Customer Loyalty

    It’s often said that it’s much easier to keep an existing customer than find a new one. Campaign Manager keeps you connected to your customer during their buying journey and throughout their ownership of their vehicle. Automatically send the right communication at the right time to help build customer trust and make sure you’re front of mind for their next car purchase


    既存のお客様をつなぎとめる方が、新規顧客を獲得するよりも簡単だと言われます。Campaign Managerなら、自動車オーナーとしての期間を通じてお客様と持続的な関係を構築することが可能になります。適切なタイミングで適切なメッセージを自動送信し、お客様の信頼感を高めておけば、車の買い替えを検討するお客様のトップオブマインドであり続けることができるでしょう。

  • 見込み顧客開拓の促進
  • Drive More Leads

    Leads aren’t just for Sales; your workshop deserves them too. Use powerful automation to make sure you contact customers with the right message at the right time. What’s more, you can even manage customer satisfaction, with automatic alerts for poor satisfaction survey scores.


    見込み顧客の開拓にあたっては、営業部門だけでなくサービス部門も巻き込む必要があります。Campaign Managerの自動化機能を用い、適切なタイミングで適切なメッセージを確実にお客様に届けることができます。さらに、お客様からの評価が低かった場合には自動的に警告が表示されるので、顧客満足度の管理にも役立ちます。

  • リアルタイムでインサイトを入手
  • Get Real-Time Insights

    Measure the business impact with full ROI reporting, so you know what’s working and optimize your campaigns on the fly. The right technology makes your marketing smarter, not harder.