Manufacturer Connections

Meet the current and future needs of your vehicle brands with seamless integration to a range of manufacturer systems and data feeds.



Continuing Support-継続的サポート

Our integrations continue to evolve to help you comply with franchise standards.

CDK Globalの統合化ソリューションは常に進化を続けており、フランチャイズ基準への準拠を強くサポートします。

Unparalleled Compatibility-圧倒的な互換性の高さ

Integrate with more than 60 vehicle manufacturers’ systems.


Meet Manufacturer Standards-OEM基準への準拠

Ensure you meet required levels of integration with manufacturers.


Manufacturer Connections -特徴

CDK Global works closely with all the major vehicle brands. In fact, we integrate with more than 60 vehicle manufacturers and provide over 250 interfaces – more than any other DMS provider.


CDK Globalは、主要な自動車ブランドと密接に連携しています。そのため、Manufacturer Connectionsで統合可能な自動車OEMは60を超え、提供されるインターフェイスも250を超えます。これは他のどのDMSプロバイダーをも圧倒する数字です。

Direct Integrations -直接統合

We directly integrate with manufacturer systems, and continually invest in developing new interfaces, continuing to evolve in order to support compliance with franchise standards.


OEMシステムを直接統合できるだけでなく、CDK Globalは今後も新しいインターフェイスへの開発投資を続け、お客様がフランチャイズ基準を満たし続けるための環境を提供します。

Meet Manufacturer Standards -OEM基準への準拠

We’ll keep your business up-to-date with the latest requirements in real-time while helping to ensure your manufacturer bonuses.



Manufacturer Connections -価値の創出
Manufacturer Connections
  • 幅広い統合
  • Wide Range of Integrations

    CDK Global works closely with more vehicle brands than any other provider, in order to ensure you benefit from latest integrations between your DMS and the various manufacturer systems.


    CDK Globalは他のDMSプロバイダーを上回る数の自動車ブランドと密接に連携しているため、お客様のDMSをさまざまなOEMシステムと最新の状態で統合し、その強みを活かせる環境を提供します。

  • ブランド基準を満たす
  • Meet Brand Standards

    For most major vehicle brands, a defined level of integration to their manufacturers’ systems is required to have their badge above the door of your dealership(s). CDK works proactively with manufacturers to ensure you benefit from the latest levels of integration.