Cloud Hosting

A cloud hosting solution that protects your data, scales as your business grows and keeps your Dealer Management System (DMS) running around the clock.



Store Data Securely -安全なデータ保存

Protect precious data with enterprise-grade security and robust data recovery.


Enjoy Peace of Mind -安心のセキュリティ

Our Global Security and support teams are on hand to help you.


Budget with Confidence -明確な料金設定

A single monthly per-user cost simplifies financial decision-making.


Cloud Hosting Features -特徴

Get expert hosting from the team that developed your DMS, so you can run your business applications with confidence, while freeing up your team to focus on the business.



Secure Environment -安全な環境

Your data will always be there when you need it, thanks to a clear level service agreement (SLA), effective and robust disaster recovery, and redundant infrastructure to reduce risk of system downtime.



Business-Grade Protection -ブジネスグレードの保護

Keep your data safe with private network connections between CDK and each dealer locations, enterprise grade firewalls and demilitarised zones, and customer information segregation. 



Cost Predictor -定額料金制

Forget lump sum breakdown costs and manual server upgrades. There’s no more budgeting for new servers or breakdowns either – just one predictable monthly cost per user.


サーバーの追加や故障による追加料金が発生しないユーザー単位の月額固定料金制です。 故障コストを気にしたり、手作業でのサーバーアップグレードの必要はありません。

Personalized Dashboard -専用のダッシュボード

View your DMS performance anytime with a personalised dashboard. Track and check performance, with confidence, and get reports on DMS availability.



Benefits of Cloud Hosting -メリット
Cloud Hosting
  • データ保護
  • Data Protection

    Cloud Hosting from CDK uses a range of industry standard processes to keep your business and data safe. Your customer data is backed up to a secure off-site location, so in case of an emergency your system can always be restarted from another site. Disaster recovery comes as standard.


    CDKが提供するCloud Hostingでは、事業とデータの安全を確保するため、業界標準のさまざまなプロセスを採用しています。顧客データは安全なオフサイトのロケーションにバックアップされますので、緊急時にも別サイトからいつでもシステムを再起動できます。障害復旧機能も標準で付属しています。

  • サポートとアカウンタビリティ
  • Support & Accountability

    If you have any questions, you’re in expert hands with a single number to call for support, and our dedicated Global Security team is always on hand. CDK undergoes an annual external service controls (SOC1) audit of our security measures.



  • 安定したコスト
  • Predictable Costs

    You are freed from hardware upgrades, operating system maintenance or changing a back-up tape. Cloud hosting is available for your DMS needs today and in the future.


    ハードウェアのアップグレード、オペレーティングシステムのメンテナンス、バックアップテープの交換の必要はありません。Cloud Hostingは、現在から将来に至るDMSのニーズに対応します。