Autoline DMS

Achieving your business objectives is easier with a DMS from CDK Global. Autoline DMS gives you access to valuable resources, automation, and real-time data to improve the efficiency and productivity of your dealership.


通常のディーラー業務の効率性と生産性を高めるためにCDK Global ディーラーマネジメントシステム (Autoline DMS) をご活用ください。業務の自動化やリアルタイムデータの入手、またリソースを最適化することで事業目標を容易に達成させることができます。

Realize Higher Profits -高い利益を獲得

Smart technology and automation reduces costs and generates leads.

React in Real-Time -リアルタイムで対応

Access to live feeds of data enables better-informed decision making.

Enhance Operational Efficiency -業務効率の向上

Streamlined processes and controls effectively grow productivity.

Autoline DMS Features -特徴

Autoline DMS adapts to your unique business goals, ensuring you get a fully customized solution. Enhance the effectiveness of your operations, streamline process, and realise a healthy profit margin with the dealer management system that has more manufacturer interfaces than anyone else—all so you can get ahead of the competition.


Autoline DMSは、企業の事業目標に合わせてカスタマイズしたソリューションです。豊富なOEMインターフェイスを備えた、 ディーラーマネジメントシステムであるAutoline DMSによって業務の効率性を高め、プロセスを合理化し、利益を最大限に高めることが可能となり、競合優位性を保つことができます。

Marketing -マーケティング

Data analytics, real-time reporting, and profiling capabilities give you a better understanding of your customers and improve overall campaign results.



Vehicle Sales -車両販売

Gain control of your sales processes and increase profit margins with a configurable showroom module, optimized finance proposals, manual entry removal, and more.



Service Desk -サービスデスク

Provide only the best in service standards to every customer by effectively managing loan vehicles, offering a wide range of service options, and providing accurate and timely orders.



After Sales -アフターセールス

Maximise workforce utilisation and increase workshop revenues when optimise capacity, effectively control technicians’ time, and increase performance.



Parts -パーツ

Improve stocking and sales using structured order processes that will increase stock turn, allow for effective parts management, and streamline order placing processes.



Accounts -会計

Manage finances and carry out real-time analysis across your entire organisation, from credit limits and payment terms to tax coding and regulated accounting requirements.



Management -マネジメント

Make informed business decisions with up-to-date information using the latest reporting functionality with comprehensive, real-time views into your data and forecasting.



Why Autoline DMS?
Autoline DMS
  • 事業目標の達成
  • Achieve Your Business Objectives

    The Autoline DMS gives you the tools you need to help increase profits, drive revenue, boost productivity, reduce expenses and increase customer satisfaction in every area of your business - all from a single system.


    Autoline DMSのツールには、売上の増加や利益の拡大、生産性の向上やコスト削減、顧客満足度の向上などさまざまな業務に役立つ機能が備わっています。

  • 拡張性に優れたソリューション
  • Realize a Fully Scalable Solution

    Autoline is a flexible, scalable solution that can support the day-to-day management of an entire dealership, from small single site operations to multi-site, multi-franchise organisations and everything in between.


    Autoline DMS は柔軟性と拡張性に優れたソリューションであり、一つの事務所のみを構える小規模ディーラーから、複数のフランチャイズ事業を展開する大規模ディーラーまで、さまざまなディーラー組織全体の日常業務をサポートします。

  • グローバルのノウハウを提供
  • Tap Into Global Expertise

    We understand the challenges you face on a day-to-day basis. CDK Global is a global DMS partner with extensive retail automotive experience, coupled with the local knowledge and experience needed to help support your business.


    CDK Global は、自動車販売業界における幅広い経験に加え、ディーラービジネスをサポートするために必要な現場の知識と経験を兼ね備えたDMS(ディーラーマネジメントシステム)パートナーとして、ディーラーが日常業務で直面する課題を理解し、ソリューションを提供します。

  • ディーラーの全事業分野に対応
  • Support All Areas of Your Business

    CDK Global ensures that the key requirements of each department within your dealership are met using Autoline. Autoline can make a difference across your entire organisation.