Kelsey Kruzel
| 28 March 2017

The Words That Matter to Different Shoppers


 data-entity-type= In our final phase of the “Language of Closers” research, we looked at the words that engaged customers by shopper type. When selecting reviews to feature, thing about who you’re trying to attract. If you sell to mostly parents, you might want to select different reviews than if you’re targeting college students. We looked at four different shopper types: women, Generation X, college students and parents.


Download the guidebook to learn which specific words can make a difference for your dealership.


Kelsey Kruzel
Kelsey Kruzel

<p><strong>Kelsey Kruzel</strong> is CDK Global’s Social Media Manager. From writing posts to creating graphics, she maintains that nothing should be allowed to exist without a strategy. As the resident millennial in the marketing department, she enjoys having her coworkers explain references that are lost on her and telling people that yes, social media is a job.</p>

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