Richard Rikess
| 4 November 2016

Which Language Can Close Leads?

Language influences us each and every single day. The words we use and see can do a lot of things, but in business, we use it to persuade and sell our products and services. And while the average car shopper is visiting more online sites than ever before to research their next vehicle, the way you communicate with them grows in importance. Last week, I was invited to present on this very topic at the Driving Sales Executive Summit. CDK Global was chosen to speak at this event after winning the Driving Sales Insight of Year Award for research we call the Language of Closers. Our data scientists designed a study to compare high-close dealerships to low-close dealerships to see if there were consistent words that aligned with each.

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Richard Rikess
Richard Rikess

<p><strong>Richard Rikess</strong>, Performance Improvement Consultant (PIC) for CDK Global has been in the automotive industry for over 20 years. His career has spanned all facets of the auto industry. He has worked in management, sales, marketing and eCommerce. He is certified in Advanced Instructional Techniques from Langevin</p>

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