Tips for Successful Remote Work
Kevin Brudzinski
| 3 April 2020

Tips for Successful Remote Work

Working remote isn’t a new concept, but with COVID-19 many people have been thrust into a remote environment overnight. Some may have worked occasionally from remote locations while others not at all. In either case, there are things you can do to make your new environment both comfortable and efficient. I’ve worked remotely for 15+ years, and here are some tips that have worked for me.

Setting up your home office

This may be temporary, but your workspace is key to your success in working remotely. It’s extremely important to find a comfortable and quiet place to set up your work area.

For a short-term office solution, try to find a comfortable chair, good lighting and a surface for your laptop that isn’t too high. Sufficient lighting can help keep you alert and reduce eye strain. A keyboard and mouse will also help you be more productive — especially if you are keying in numbers for reports!

For a longer-term office setup, invest in a good ergonomic chair to help with posture and blood flow. Your monitor should be at an arm’s length away from the computer and your wrists should be straight with hands at or below elbow level. Don’t forget to adjust your chair height so your knees are about level with your hips and use a footrest if needed. You may need a laptop stand to bring the monitor up to the correct height. If you are used to a larger or dual monitor system and have a permanent office, replicating this setup at home will make the transition from office to home easy.

Your office is set up, but can you access your work?

Make sure you have a reliable network and secure VPN access to continue to do business. You’ll want to make sure you have a secure connection, so you can gain access to financial statements, accounting, bookkeeping and other dealer workflows despite not being at the physical dealership location. Check to make sure you have enough licenses for the remote workers that need to access these systems.

Create a routine!

Much like going to work, I have a routine to make my body feel like it is time for work. Don’t just get up and move to the computer and start working. Our bodies and minds thrive on patterns and routines. Try to keep the same routine as if you are going to go to a place for work.

Personally, I like to get up, turn on the coffee maker and have my breakfast and coffee. I also can’t start my day without a shower. I feel like it wakes me up and gets me ready for the day. Then, settle down at your desk as if you have just arrived at work. Most of all, take breaks when you need them. The best part of working from home is that the fridge isn’t full of everyone else’s food!

Your work environment at home should be comfortable for you and your body. You will find that the more comfortable and quiet your workspace is, the more you will actually get done in a shorter amount of time.

If you need help with obtaining additional licenses or remote access to your dealership, your CDK rep can assist. We know many dealers have been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis — let us know how we can help you!

Kevin Brudzinski
Kevin Brudzinski
Author position
Manager, Consulting

Kevin has been with CDK Global for over 15 years. He started off supporting CRM for the implementation team, then served as a Client Manager for Implementation. He later joined the CDK Consulting organization as a Front End consultant, using his implementation expertise consultant to deliver high quality consulting and support to clients. In his free time, Kevin loves to fish and enjoys cooking.

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