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Joe Tautges
| 7 October 2021

Timely Innovations Provide Unlimited Possibilities for Automotive Industry

CDK connects the industry and consumers giving dealers a competitive edge

We’ve been on one heck of a journey these last couple of years. Like so many other businesses, the COVID-19 global pandemic forced the automotive industry to propel technological advancements quickly.

Today, people choose at what point along the pathway they want to interact with a person when buying a car or having one serviced.

Sometimes the whole process happens online without ever visiting a dealership. In fact, in 2020, half of one percent of new vehicles in the U.S. were entirely sold online. By 2025, that percentage could grow to 7%.

Some industry thinkers are assuming this trend will replace dealerships with “click to buy” options. We at CDK do not believe this.

More than ever, human connections are what matter.

We are in an incredible position to rethink how to connect with customers—and with each other.

We were honored to host our colleagues and business partners at the recent CDK Connect event. Here, we had the privilege of sharing how we’re providing the very best automotive omnichannel experience for consumers.

Our goal is to be the strategic partner at the center of the ecosystem — connecting everyone across the industry.

We know consumers want to have a connection with their local dealers. They need a person they can work with, ask questions, and trust, not only for purchasing but for service as well.

We know OEMs need to connect with dealers to get feedback so they can build better products.

And we know OEMs and dealers need to be connected through software and data to provide the very best service in the industry.

Our technology and services interconnect dealers, manufacturers, software developers and consumers.

As the industry visionary, our technologies create a seamless car-buying and ownership experience.

CDK is placing us all on the cutting edge of automotive retail by enhancing the consumer experience, enriching business models, and harnessing big data.

Enhancing the consumer experience

Consumer expectations aren’t what they were even a year ago. 50% of shoppers want an experience with more convenience, speed and collaboration.

Dealers need to take action to meet these demands – especially considering the competition from digital marketplaces that sell used vehicles and up-and-coming EV players with direct-to-consumer sales.

CDK offers a laser-focused ability to provide the “simple” and “convenient” buying experience consumers crave.

Through years of strategic investments—including our recent acquisition of Roadster—we’re now giving dealers the ability to offer a digitized consumer journey from shopping and negotiating terms to the final contracting.

We’re giving our customers the edge to outsell the competition. We’re enabling dealers to sell new and used vehicles completely online. And we’re also giving consumers the option to begin and end the vehicle-buying process anywhere they choose—online or in-store.

Developing deeper consumer relationships beyond the sale

We’re all looking for ways to drive car buyer value that will, in turn, support our dealers.

As you know, insurance is one of the most prominent components of the car-buying process, and it’s ripe for disruption. We’re putting dealers in the position of the disruptor with our newest acquisition, Salty.

Salty is a convenient, mobile-first solution that uses artificial intelligence to help consumers find insurance for their vehicle without ever leaving the car-buying experience. A buyer receives a text, fills out a form and gets a recommendation for an insurance carrier and policy matched to their needs within minutes.

By capitalizing on CDK’s business solutions, dealers—collaborating with OEMs—can be in command of all aspects of the consumer car-buying and owning experience, which will naturally lead to new business growth opportunities.

Harnessing big data

Unlocking big data is another key to continuing the connection between consumers and the automotive industry. That’s why we’ve invested hundreds of millions of dollars into this vision over the last three years.

We are harnessing the power of data to help dealers and OEMs retain and win customers. And CDK Neuron is the next-generation intelligence engine that will give your company this competitive advantage.

Neuron ensures that our partners are well-positioned now and into the future.

By intelligently mining billions of data transactions that flow through our products annually alongside other industry data and translating it into actionable, understandable insights, we can shape the consumer experience in mind-blowing ways.

Neuron infuses insights into solutions to help dealers and OEMs sell more vehicles, streamline workflows, provide better customer service and increase the bottom line.

Everything we showed during CDK Connect is part of our commitment to the success of our customers and the satisfaction of the consumer.

We feel privileged to have this opportunity to connect the entire automotive retail ecosystem in ways that push all of us forward.

By working together, we will collectively transform how we sell new and used vehicles through dealerships in a seamless, easy way.

Whether it’s through new technology, innovative solutions, or shared outcomes, CDK is a strategic partner for the future, and we’re going to be here for our industry every step of the way.

Joe Tautges
Joe Tautges

Joe Tautges oversees CDK Global’s Sales & Operations organization, which includes customer care, customer delivery, dealer management systems (DMS), Elead CRM, layered applications, marketing and sales. Before taking on the COO role, Joe served as the chief financial officer for CDK. He joined the company in 2017 after serving as CFO of the $18 billion Enterprise Services segment of Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

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