Nicole Powers
| 9 August 2018

Taming the Paper Monster

It's no surprise that dealers are focused on selling cars and keeping their customers happy. That's what you do. But what most dealers don't realize — or at least aren't thinking about — is the fact that some of their biggest headaches can come from a piece of paper.

Most dealers don't keep track of whether or not the forms they use are up-to-date and compliant — it simply isn't a priority. But dealerships are a favorite target for lawsuits, and much of the time those lawsuits are based on faulty paperwork. Privacy notice violations can cost several thousand dollars in fines. Form violations are probably a bigger threat to both the bottom line and a dealership's reputation than any of the more obvious risks.

Hiring someone full-time to manage and monitor your paperwork for accuracy and compliance isn't practical. And how often do you find your staff searching for deal jackets or struggling to produce documents during an audit? It would be a lot easier if there was a way to digitize all the forms in your dealership to help you with compliance. A digitized system would also help increase your dealership's overall productivity by saving time and money when it comes to things like document reproduction and organization. Especially if it proactively notified you of form changes and included the revisions as they became relevant. Accurate documents mean happier, more satisfied customers. No more coming back in to the dealership to re-sign inaccurate paperwork. Several OEMs have made digital forms mandatory in order to ensure compliance and to improve the overall experience with their brands.

The endless struggle to ensure accurate forms and keep up with constant changes creates the ideal environment for unnecessary issues. Dealers need a partner to drive compliance and help manage the paperwork necessary to run a successful business. Having a solution that automates this process saves you time, money and aggravation. And knowing your forms are up-to-date includes the added bonus of peace of mind. Learn more about CDK Global Document Management Solutions.

Nicole Powers
Nicole Powers

Nicole Powers has been a member of the CDK Inside Sales team for three years. After completing her master’s degree in international business, she has been helping dealers increase profitability in F&I through better business practices and process enhancements. When she’s not in the office, Nicole can be found cruising around town on her Yamaha Vino or camping with her husband and two dogs.

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