Jason Jewert
| 11 May 2017

Take Back Fixed Ops Customers from Independents


Whether automotive sales are hitting record highs or frightening lows, vehicle owners will always need repairs and maintenance.

In fact, Fixed Operations are the backbone of any dealership. Yet while the new vehicle Sales department competes only against other dealers, Service goes head to head with neighboring dealerships, independent service providers, and national chains — making customer acquisition and retention even harder. To better understand the role of digital marketing in capturing and keeping the important service customer, the CDK Global Retail Insights Team recently studied the matter, comparing content on the websites of dealerships to those of independent service providers and national chains. The researchers wanted to see how well the websites of dealers and “indies” provided clear answers to the three main questions on customers’ minds: Who are you? What do you offer? Why should I do business with you? This special report reveals the company’s findings and suggests how Service departments in dealerships can improve their digital strategies to attract more Service customers.


Jason Jewert
Jason Jewert

<p>Jason Jewert is a Performance Improvement Consultant recognized for outstanding Area and Dealer relations management and consistently driving results that enhances value for both the dealer and OEM client. His background includes strong Internet technical mastery, metrics analysis, Digital Marketing, problem solving, sales management and excellent verbal and written communication skills.</p>

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