Securing Your Network with the Right Managed Security Services Provider
Dan Hoban
| 18 September 2018

Securing Your Network with the Right Managed Security Services Provider

Computer hackers are unauthorized users who break into computer systems, often to steal information for financial gain. Organizations that fail to protect information can be held liable for breaches and losses and can be fined or sued.
Companies may not even be aware that their networks have been breached or know the extent to which their information has been compromised. Automotive dealerships, which can handle hundreds of customer transactions a day, are no exception.
Often, the only way to for a dealership to know if it has been hacked is to have experts monitor for indications of a compromise or “security event,” investigate whether a breach has occurred, then act to remediate the breach. However, this requires a lot of time and technical expertise, and dealerships often lack the knowledge and resources to respond appropriately.
As a result, many security vendors are now offering managed security services (MSS) to help dealers detect and respond to security events.
Finding a managed security service provider that fits your dealership is the key to securing your overall network. To ensure that you’re choosing the right vendor for a managed security service, there are a few things you need to consider:

Cutting-edge Technology

A managed security solution should include security information and event management (SIEM) software products and services that combine security information management and security event management. This new technology uses advanced algorithms, artificial intelligence and heuristics to find advanced threats beyond signatures.

Technology + Expertise

While state-of-the-science technology is a key component to identifying whether a security event has occurred, having security experts with tools to respond to events on the network are critical to keeping your network secure.
Instead of sending out alerts every time there’s an event, the response element of a managed security solution provides experts the ability to respond effectively and efficiently to events, remediating the problem and offering corrective measures to stop future attacks.
Because this industry is changing so rapidly, it is important to ensure that security vendors provide experts that are properly trained and up-to-date on the latest trends, to not only identify security events on your network, but also to respond when an alert happens.
As a dealership, security experts should be knowledgeable of the automotive industry and the dealership environment. Because dealerships utilize specific software, hardware, and tools not found in other industries, it is important your provider understands these components, how they affect the network and the potential security risks they bring.

Committed Service

Some vendors have service commitments, and others don’t. Some commitments, like service level agreements (SLAs), ensure that vendors are responsible for security detection and responding to events on your network, allowing you to spend more time running your dealership.
Some security vendors may commit to alert you when there’s an event, but not respond. Others will make commitments related to alerts, response times, ticket update times and systems availability.

Effective Reporting

Reporting tools give a dealership principle or IT resource the ability to track and get details on an event, including when it occurred and the steps taken to remediate it.
With effective reporting tools, tech experts can determine how hackers are entering a network and see what types of patching are needed to prevent future hacks from occurring.
While some security vendors will sell each of these features separately, finding a vendor that offers the combination of technology, expertise, agreements, and reporting tools are ideal.

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Dan Hoban
Dan Hoban
Executive vice president and chief strategy officer (CSO)

<p><em>Dan Hoban serves as the executive vice president and chief strategy officer (CSO) at Nuspire, a state-of-the-science Managed Network Security Services Provider (MSSP) for some of the largest and most distinctive companies around the world. Hoban is a cybersecurity analysist dedicated to security industry research, innovation, education, and advocacy.</em><br />
<em>Over the past 13 years at Nuspire, Hoban has helped some of the world’s largest enterprises design and implement cutting edge security solutions. Some of these notable customers include General Motors, Cardinal Health, Subaru of America, Volkswagen, Steelcase, Ford Motor Company, Kelly Services, ADP, Tower International, and Dunham’s Sporting Goods.&nbsp;<br />
Hoban has authored and contributed to many organization/industry standards and has been featured in industry-related blogs and articles. He has also been a guest speaker at numerous national industry events. Additionally, Hoban is the President of the Twilight Benefit Foundation, a charitable organization that helps metro-Detroit children with catastrophic illnesses or disabilities.</em></p>

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