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Creating a seamless experience and a path to purchase is critical both online and offline when working with today’s savvy and somewhat demanding consumers. Elizabeth Shults, marketing director for McLarty Daniel Nissan, knows that staying steps ahead is an essential part of their business and it’s what started her and her team on a journey with CDK Global.

“CDK has truly been our partner in developing and rolling out a website that we believe provides us a seamless customer experience,” said Shults. “Based on our roll-out, we have the confidence that downtime will be minimalized, allowing us to service our business and know we are doing everything we can to capture and keep our customers.”

McLarty Daniel Nissan is a division of RML Automotive, the largest minority-owned dealer group in the United States. With six stores in the Northwest Arkansas metro area servicing thriving businesses and clientele from the likes of Walmart, JB Hunt, and University of Arkansas, McLarty Daniel relies on support from CDK Global through a full suite of solutions and services including CDK Websites, ProCare, CDK Connected Store, CDK Inspect, CDK Menu, CDK ePayments, AP, CDK Digital Contracting, DMS and PowerSEO.



McLarty Daniel Nissan is a division of RML Automotive, the largest minority-owned dealer group in the United States.


When embarking on their web collaboration, McLarty Daniel Nissan was more concerned with a seamless user experience than speed to market, knowing that the latter could ultimately cost them business if not executed perfectly. The team opted for a longer build out to ensure the experience was tested before going live. They embraced all of the plug-and-play capabilities of CDK solutions to make sure that all of their tools were able to talk to each other without disruption. Shults and her team understand that in today’s one-click world you have a single chance to capture a customer — and multiple ways to lose them.

“This was not about technology for technology’s sake. This was a site build and deployment that provides the service needed for us to do business every day,” added Shults. “We know that site downtime – or even a single dead link – can cost us time, money and customers.”

Like any dealer knows, service is at the forefront of any successful transaction. And in an industry built on the manufacturing of shiny new objects, the dealership notes that “shiny things and promises only go so far when there is a lack of service.” The dealership credits the build and ProCare team with where they are today, thanks to successfully and seamlessly bridging the gap between platform development and customer service. And as a team, CDK and Shults take a proactive approach to maximizing the site’s service rather than just reactive troubleshooting. This ensures that the customer experience remains maximized through the ongoing care and maintenance of this powerful business tool.

Despite being in the early stages of implementation, the McLarty Daniel team is already realizing that minimizing the failure rate of their site will prove to be the ultimate success story. However, they know they cannot rest on those laurels alone in today’s fast-changing automotive industry. More and more savvy consumers are turning to increased online options for managing everything from buying and leasing a car to coordinating service and negotiating financials. This increased demand on a dealer’s website is something the McLarty Daniel Nissan and CDK teams are anticipating and preparing for today by putting service and the end-user experience front and center.


"CDK has truly been our partner in developing and rolling out a website that we believe provides us a seamless customer experience."
Elizabeth Shults | Marketing Director
McLarty Daniel Nissan


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