Meeting Expectations in an Outcome-Driven World
Michael Seeman
| 11 February 2019

Meeting Expectations in an Outcome-Driven World

Each year, I anxiously anticipate the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) event. It’s the single biggest opportunity to gather our customers, partners and CDK Global experts under one roof, discussing challenges and discovering solutions. Thousands of customers and prospects visited our booth to discuss the latest solutions in dealer technology, including Drive Flex and Fortellis.

This year, many of my dealer conversations focused on customer engagement and our ability to meet their expectations. These were not always comfortable conversations, but these dialogues were necessary to keep us humble and honest about how we’re serving the people who matter most: our dealers.

Investing in our customers
During my time at NADA, I shared some particularly exciting news with our dealers about additional investments in customer success. These investments, announced by CEO Brian Krzanich, will better align our organization to our customers’ business priorities.

More than just talking points, CDK is putting tangible resources behind this commitment—at no cost to our dealers — to deliver value by proactively working with our dealers through the various milestones of the customer journey, aligning solutions to dealers’ priorities and unlocking the value of our products to achieve greater business results.

In practical terms, this means the deployment of a dedicated team of customer success advocates and performance managers committed to helping dealers scale and optimize our core systems and layered apps.

Layered and scalable for specific needs
Some dealers at NADA shared anecdotes about how our current service model is not scaled or optimized for how they work today.

We understand that in an outcome-driven world, one size does not fit all. Therefore, this enhanced service model will layer additional support within our customers’ existing resources.

In addition to our existing solution implementation and training teams, we will underpin each dealer with proactive support, including:

  • Post-installation transition teams dedicated to ensuring dealer success within the first 90 days of a solution implementation.
  • Customer success advocates committed to working with our dealers throughout their client lifecycle, understanding specific business needs and partnering to maximize their business results.
  • Performance managers—layered application experts—to regularly call and visit dealers to enhance utilization and user performance based on specific application goals and outcomes.

In order to help dealers grow, our customer success advocates will optimize performance results and utilization through a data dashboard, linking dealer-specified business priorities and KPIs with benchmark data. By using the dashboard to interpret complex relationships within a dealer’s processes, customer success advocates will be able to interpret and identify areas to optimize specific dealer performance.

In addition, CDK has expanded its support hours by 30 percent to align with dealership hours, such as extended weekday hours, weekends and most holidays.

Setting high expectations
The hard work begins! We’ve raised your expectations, now we’ll deliver.

In the coming months, you can expect to hear from us. We’ll update you on our progress through one-on-one conversations and forums, such as this.

Most importantly, beginning mid-year, you can expect to hear from our dedicated advocates as we begin to roll out our new customer success platform in select markets.

I am excited about our future as partners in dealer performance and remain committed to your continued success.

Michael Seeman
Michael Seeman

<p>Michael Seeman is vice president, Customer Success. Since joining the CDK Global team more than 20 years ago, he has been developing our successful sales efforts by contributing to enterprise and major market sales. Today, he is focused on transforming our customer success initiatives.</p>