by CDK Global | 1 March 2018


When Ryan Sodikoff took over as General Manager of Steven Toyota in 2012, he knew significant changes needed to be made. The dealership was underperforming financially and its technology infrastructure was a disconnected mix of different solutions. Six years later, the business has achieved nothing short of a transformation. CDK Global now provides a backbone of integrated technology and support that has helped Steven Toyota streamline multiple systems and processes, decrease costs and return to profitability. “CDK Global has played a huge role in moving us forward,” Sodikoff says. “We need the technology to do the business that we do.”

Founded more than 25 years ago in Harrisonburg, Virginia, Steven Toyota has utilized the CDK Drive Dealer Management System for most of its existence. After he was promoted, Sodikoff soon realized that the rest of the dealership’s systems and software had been pieced together from various vendors. The result was an inefficient patchwork of technology that did not communicate and was expensive to support. Sodikoff committed himself to finding one provider that would rationalize the business’ disparate systems and build and support an integrated solution. He eventually narrowed his search to CDK and another provider. Sodikoff admits he was enticed by the other provider’s nearby headquarters location, but two key factors led him to CDK Global. First was the company’s broad reach. “They support the entire country,” Sodikoff says. “I knew that if they support dealers in California, they could support a dealer in Virginia.” Second was Steven Toyota’s longstanding reliance on CDK Drive. Sodikoff knew it was important for the business and saw added value in streamlining technology under one provider. The last thing he wanted was another third party supporting his systems. “Our problem was that we already had too many hands in the cookie jar.” Sodikoff was immediately impressed by how CDK Global expanded the relationship with him. “They aligned themselves with me,” he recalls. “We stuck our nose into every nook and cranny of the business to identify our problems, which were everywhere. So we started fixing problems everywhere.” 

Over the past several years, Steven Toyota has implemented a suite of hosted CDK Dealer IT solutions with Exchange and Managed Desktop, CDK Voice Connect, CDK Call Connect, CDK Fax Connect, CDK GetWireless and Network Security. The dealership enjoys 24/7 support via CDK Service Connect. “The investment has improved operations in so many ways,” Sodikoff says. GetWireless, for example, has provided the dealership with secure, high-speed Wi-Fi across its 13-acre footprint and 75,000 square feet of showrooms and garages. In the past, when dealing with an inoperable vehicle on the lot, four to six employees had to waste 15 minutes each pushing it into service diagnostics. Now, one employee with a laptop connected to the Wi-Fi network can walk to the car and quickly diagnose it with the customer.

Elsewhere on the lot, salespeople can meet with prospects at any location and use their mobile devices to instantly email them brochures and other collateral. Before GetWireless, Sodikoff remembers, the dealership was losing sales because the local cellular network was too unreliable for salespeople to do this. Perhaps best of all for Sodikoff, everything is supported by Service Connect. If an issue comes up, help is available anytime. It gives him the peace of mind he wanted when he decided to partner with one solutions provider. “I’m on a first-name basis with my representatives. I consider them friends,” he says. “But the bottom line is Service Connect allows us to find the solution while spending much less time dealing with it.”


Steven Toyota has utilized the CDK Drive Dealer Management System for most of its 25-year existence.

"CDK Global has played a huge role in moving us forward. We need the technology to do the business that we do."
Ryan Sodikoff | General Manager
Steven Toyota

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