How Dealers Are Harnessing the Power of Technology in Wholesaling
by CDK Global | 8 August 2022

How Dealers Are Harnessing the Power of Technology in Wholesaling

Taking Technology Up a Notch

Chances are, you’re already leveraging the power of technology in managing and growing your dealership — with digital service systems, digital retailing, remote scheduling, vehicle delivery and more. So you’re already aware of the significant role digital solutions play in the success of your operation. But there’s an aspect of your business that is crucial to growth and profitability.

We’re talking about the new age of wholesaling


Digital Platforms Serve Unprecedented Demand

Sourcing inventory remains a significant challenge in today’s marketplace. And used inventory demand is at an all-time high. In response to this reality, dealer-to-dealer online marketplaces are now transforming the industry.

This use of technology is virtually changing the way dealerships manage and source used inventory as they address ongoing vehicle shortages to meet demand.

CDK Global

Expanding Wholesale From Local to National

Utilizing digital platforms for dealer-to-dealer wholesaling expands your lot from your backyard to the entire country. This allows you to move beyond local auctions and source inventory from anywhere in America.

Go local. Go national. It’s your call.

Digital Wholesaling Puts You in Control

Wholesaling through a leading digital platform is the most efficient and cost-effective way to buy and sell used cars. Unlike the old auction method, the modern digital wholesaling market is open 24/7. You enjoy dealer-driven alerting. And you can benefit from wholesale experts or consultants who can help you achieve your goals.

A top-tier digital wholesaling platform also opens up new relationships with a wide range of dealers, giving you access to a trusted network and an expansive buying pool. This technological advantage offers you a whole new level of buying power.

Listing and Buying Are Seamless

With the right platform, you can automatically sync available inventory directly from your DMS. This lets you list and buy instantly — keeping you up to speed with an ever-evolving market. And with a top platform there’s no exclusivity, so you can also list vehicles wholesale and continue to sell them retail. In this modern blended market, there’s no downside to list. And your margins are still protected no matter where your listing sells.

Choose Carefully To Maximize Profits

The best digital wholesale platforms help you boost your wholesale profits — whether you’re buying, selling or both. But the key is to engage with a platform that doesn’t require sign-up fees, installation charges, monthly subscriptions, and extra costs to search, list or bid. A platform that offers you a fair flat rate to buy and sell. And is tied into a nationwide dealer network, powered by your DMS and the auto ecosystem at large.

Wholesaling costs and fees used to be complex and confusing: search, list, bid, buy and sell fees, changing prices and sliding scales all added costs and compromised profit. But with digital wholesaling, the entire process is now clear, simple and far more cost-effective. So your dealership is empowered to take advantage of new financial opportunities in this ever-expanding market.

CDK Global Introduces CDK CarSource

CDK is leveraging the power of their 10,000+ dealer network to create CDK CarSource — one of the industry's largest digital, remote, dealer-to-dealer wholesale marketplace platforms. CarSource offers the lowest costs in the market. There’s no fee to join, search or bid, and a low flat fee to buy. The platform seamlessly integrates with your CDK Drive DMS and auto ecosystem. There’s no exclusivity. You get 24/7 dealer-driven alerting. And you don’t even have to be a current CDK customer to enhance your wholesaling operation through CarSource.

Given the experience and expertise CDK offers, CarSource is perfectly positioned to be the leader in the digital platform wholesaling space. As dealers continue to navigate through the challenges of continued high demand for used cars, they may temporarily find themselves out of stock — but they’re never out of luck when they source inventory nationwide.

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