Jason Jewert
| 28 April 2017

How to Beat Independent Service Providers

 data-entity-type= Fixed operations is the backbone of a dealership. Whether car sales are hitting record highs or frightening lows, repairs and maintenance will always be required. While a dealership’s new car sales only compete with other dealers, the service center has to compete with other dealers plus national service chains and independent service providers. Just how much of a concern is the competition? A recent CDK Global dealer survey revealed that, on average, dealers lose over 40 percent of service customers after warranty and more than 80 percent of dealers are concerned about losing customers to independent service providers. Most dealers think that price is the main reason customers are defecting, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. In a 2016 repair satisfaction study by AAA, two-thirds of U.S. drivers said that they don’t trust auto repair shops. This is especially true of younger generations. When compares to Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials were both 20 percent less likely to have a trusted repair shop. With mistrust so high, digital impressions become especially important. The internet is one of the first places customers turn to when searching for a provider. According to Google Think, 70 percent of people visit a retailer website when they have a want-to-buy moment. An effective web site can have a significant influence on where that customer chooses to go for service. Read the Rest on Driving Sales

Jason Jewert
Jason Jewert

<p>Jason Jewert is a Performance Improvement Consultant recognized for outstanding Area and Dealer relations management and consistently driving results that enhances value for both the dealer and OEM client. His background includes strong Internet technical mastery, metrics analysis, Digital Marketing, problem solving, sales management and excellent verbal and written communication skills.</p>

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