Growing your business or updating your network? You can do both.
David Stockman
| 12 December 2019

Growing your business or updating your network? You can do both.

Because you shouldn’t have to choose.

These days, the success of your business is often tied to the technology you use. Your Sales and Service departments rely on a network that’s fast and always on – and so do your customers. Because of that, outages are costly, your security has to be updated and your network needs to be constantly upgraded.

That’s time and money that could be going towards other areas of your business.

You need to find a solution that can keep your dealership network up to date without investing money in hardware and equipment that will soon be obsolete. And when technology changes, you want to be the first in line to get the latest and greatest in your dealership.

But the newest hardware isn’t the only benefit of a quality managed service.

The type of provider you’re looking for will provide your dealership access to day-to-day network management from a network team with plenty of automotive experience. That means you can cut out all the time you’ve normally spent training staff to monitor and troubleshoot your network.

More time and money saved.

Customers using a managed services network should also look for a provider that has event monitoring and replacement services for all the times when you need to maintain your network’s uptime and business agility.

But that’s still not all you need. You need a provider that understands that your network is complex. You need a plan that supports your entire business – from Phone to LAN/WAN and Wireless to Security and IT services. After all, you’re worth it.

A quality provider will understand that network security and tech hardware can be a constant area of stress as well as a drain on your time and your money. The solution they offer you should remove the stress of purchasing and managing your hardware while keeping you at the forefront of industry changes.

If you’re ready to upgrade your network infrastructure and want the peace-of-mind that comes with a managed service, or you want more information, CDK TechCare Managed Services can help.

CDK TechCare Managed Services

David Stockman
David Stockman

DAVID STOCKMAN leads product marketing for network, wireless and security solutions at CDK Global.  He has experience in marketing, product management, and international business.  He also launched his own mobile beer finding app and enjoys cycling up steep hills and cooking in his spare time.

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