Terry O’Brien
| 12 December 2017

Greater Service Department Profitability

What does it take to increase profitability in the Service department? Many Service Directors have tried to boost productivity and profits but still fell short of their goals. And it’s not surprising. The complexity of managing a Service department makes it challenging to step back and chart a more structured approach to growth.

Fortunately, there’s a more surefire, strategic method for strengthening your Service profits. First, understand your potential for growth. Then focus on preparing for that growth by aligning people, processes, and technology, and using your Business Development Center (BDC) to drive growth. Finally, implement tactics that help you stay the course. Only when you follow these steps can you be sure that you’re on the right track to greater profitability.

Let’s walk through each of the four actions that will get you there.

Terry O’Brien
Terry O’Brien

<p><strong>Terry O’Brien</strong> is a Lead Consultant for Fixed Operations at CDK Global. After nearly 20 years of retail experience, Terry began helping dealerships optimize their Fixed Operations. Now, for the past two decades, he’s become known for helping dealers maximize their processes, profitability and technology, retaining clients year after year.</p>

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