by CDK Global | 2 January 2013

Fuel The Passion - Remember What You're Selling

Russ and Randy, my cousin’s boys, are twenty years younger than me, and we had gone separate ways years ago after leaving the farm. But at a family reunion in Flagstaff recently, there they were. And the first thing out of their mouths was how they remembered the family reunion in southern Utah when I had shown up with a trailer load of motorcycles. They had jumped on, figured it out, and had the time of their lives. They never forgot it, and they were still riders to this day.

But it wasn’t just the surprise meeting and the quick recollection of that long-ago riding time that I enjoyed. It was the enthusiasm and energy with which they recalled that earlier day, and how it had changed their life. We had all worked on the dairy, had driven from the time we were seven, and knew how to handle trucks and tractors by the time we were nine. But that experience with a few motorcycles years ago was how they remembered me now, and was the first thing out of their mouths after the big grins and the rough hugs.

The Need for Speed

Thinking about it, I realized that they, just like me, had been fascinated with the earliest Tote Goat they had seen. To see the speed, the movement, and the freedom that it gave, was an irresistible draw for a young boy. Tractors were slow and ungainly. Trucks were big and awkward. Horses were hard to catch and difficult to saddle. But a Cushman!. A Mo-Ped! Man! That was cool!

And it never went away. For me, the joy of effortlessly moving to the top of a nearby hill on the seat of my little 125 was indescribable. How easy it was to say "Let’s go here," or "Let’s go there," drop it into first gear and effortlessly move a cow and calf back to the herd. How fun it was to come upon a break in the ditch, the road a foot deep in mud and water, just smile, drop into second, rev it up to 4000 and plow through all that muck to the other side. No more stuck pickup trucks. No more walking all the way back to the house to get the tractor. No more ropes, chains, boards and tree limbs under wheels to get vehicles out of the mud. Just drive on through. And smile all the way.

Remember What You are Selling

You think you are selling side-by-sides, 4-wheelers, UTV’s and dirt bikes? No. No, you are selling much more than that. You are selling freedom, movement, control of your surroundings. And most of all, Fun.

Yeah. Fun. How quickly we learn that riding a bike is like being on the horse, rather than in the wagon. And there is no comparison between the two.

Jobs that were laborious, hard, hot, and dreaded, are now quick and fun. And in the process, young boys and girls learn what freedom of movement can bring to life. They learn what it means to take care of a machine so it can take care of you. They learn about wrenches, parts, oil and gas. They learn about speed, direction, distance, and reliability. They learn things that no video game will ever teach them.

Fun: Mandatory Job Requirement

So remember: Fun. It’s not just about the machines. It’s about what you can do with them, and what they bring to your life.

So enjoy your jobs. Enjoy your customers. And especially, enjoy those young people that come into your showroom and your shop with smiles on their faces, and awe in their eyes. They are the future, and you are going to get them there.

Think back to your first bike. And let it show.

Happy selling.

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