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Ron Leggero
| 11 February 2021

Does Your Business Happen By Plan Or Does It Just Happen?

Have you ever thought of joining a dealership 20 Group to understand how your dealership can optimize workflow, people, processes and tools to drive more revenue? 20 Groups work by bringing together industry professionals for focused, success-driven meetings that make a real business difference. They also use your dealership’s financial data, coupled with the results from other non-competing business owners to create a robust financial composite to strengthen your business.

20 Groups focus on common goals and challenges for conversations that drill into KPIs and other common issues. It’s one thing to look at a number and see you’re behind or ahead; it’s another thing to be able to discuss why. These workshops are moderated by experienced consultants that will share best practices, discuss challenges and create plans for profit. They’ll use data to help you drive revenue with real, actionable insights.

In 20 Groups, the main goal is not only staying profitable, it’s also growing new revenue opportunities in a competitive market. By using composites, you will be able to compare how you rank amongst dealers and top 20% benchmarks nationally and locally. For example, you may be doing well in Service, but you’re losing money in the pre-owned cars department. 20 Groups can open your eyes to current and potential problems in your dealership and help you come up with a strategy to address the issue.

So, what are the different 20 Groups in the market? You may be looking for moderators, subgroups and main groups that offer a more targeted approach to solving big problems in your dealership. You should look for a group that will offer a regular meeting cadence and keep you consistently engaged and challenged.

It’s important to find a 20 Group with moderators that will help maximize your dealership's success. The primary question to ask is: do these moderators have the passion and dealership experience to help you solve problems? At the end of the session, moderators will be able to give you a clear result of what your improvements need to be. They’ll also open their schedule so group members can reach out and discuss day-to-day business as needed.

With 20 Groups, you can have access to valuable advice and learn from the experiences of like-minded business owners. These groups help you find the why to your questions, so you can define the purpose of what you do.

What does a 10 out of 10 look like in your 20 Group? Here are some reasons to join:

  • Teamwork increases collaboration and brainstorming, which results in more ideas and a growth in productivity.
  • A team works better than an individual to solve complex problems and complete difficult tasks.
  • Teamwork helps you improve skills through working with people with different skills and abilities.
  • Teamwork helps you improve your communication skills.

Belonging to a 20 Group creates constructive peer engagement to help you improve your financials, facilities, processes, procedures and CSI score. As one dealer’s improvements are reflected in the financials of the 20 Group report, the other members will be motivated to implement the same practice. Each dealer leaves a meeting with an Action List of ideas to improve their operations. The true “why” of a 20 Group is that it drives continuous improvement.

Learn more about 20 Groups and how CDK Global can help.

Ron Leggero

RON LEGGERO is the director of sales for Consulting at CDK Global. He has over 20 years of auto industry leadership experience, ranging from executive management and consulting to training and business development.

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