Is Digital Retailing's 15 minutes over?
Michael Bero
| 19 January 2021

Is Digital Retailing's 15 minutes over?

In early 2020, digital retailing solutions became a necessity and a major focus as automotive dealerships scrambled to adjust their operations. But now that dealers have adopted new practices and implemented many changes, is digital retailing’s 15 minutes of fame over?

Dealerships have significantly invested in more technology and on-site safety precautions to make it safe for customers to shop in person. Our recent study of car buyers showed that 68% of buyers still prefer to shop for cars in person*. Research also shows that customers also expect to complete part of the process online, with 80% of customers already using online sources during the car-buying process**.

Even if you think digital retailing’s 15 minutes are over, it’s arguably more important now than ever before. Preparing your dealership to meet the shifting needs of today’s customers is no small task — especially when your website is your dealership’s first impression.

In a recent Modern Retailing communication, we outlined three different car-buying experiences. The dealerships that can accommodate all three types are in the best position to win with the customers they have today — and build a positive reputation for the customers they earn tomorrow.

Three Types of Car-Buying Experiences

So, as you prepare to deliver an omnichannel approach to support these three different car-buying experiences, remember that more than 80% of shoppers start online.

Learn more about Modern Retailing and how CDK Connected Store, our award-winning digital retailing solution, can be your gateway to a modern digital retailing experience.

*CDK Market Research, 2020 ** McKinsey & Company, McKinsey Automotive Nov. 2020.

Michael Bero

MICHAEL BERO is the Sr. Product Marketer for CDK Connected Store Digital Retailing solution. He is responsible for properly aligning with Sales and Product Management to execute product strategy, messaging, characterization, positioning, launch and value proposition. He began his career at CDK a little over a year ago and came from the telecommunications industry with a diverse background in strategic product planning, go-to-market readiness and sales enablement.

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