CDK OnePay Helps Hyundai of Greer Increase Service Business by 150%
by CDK Global | 24 January 2022

CDK OnePay Helps Hyundai of Greer Increase Service Business by 150%

As Service Manager at Hyundai of Greer in South Carolina, Kamil Burdzy knows his customers can go anywhere. He estimates that within a five-mile radius, there are 15 to 20 other locations to choose from.

But he understands what makes his small dealership stand out: “Customer service,” he says without hesitation. “The Sales department sells and puts them on the street, but Service retains them. And you’ve got to give them that customer experience — anything you can do to take care of the customer at all costs.” That includes taking advantage of CDK OnePay.

Hyundai of Greer doubles repair orders

Becoming Their Best Choice

“You’ve got to be easy to do business with,” Burdzy emphasizes. Since the pandemic, that has meant introducing thoughtful new services at Hyundai of Greer, such as valet vehicle pick-up and delivery. Their previous payment solution, however, couldn’t keep up with their new offerings; it was unable to accommodate consumers wanting to pay by text or online in advance. “The only way was to take customer data verbally over the phone, but that’s not the most secure.”

Switching to OnePay was the solution: now Service staff calls the consumer when work has been completed, payment is easily made by text or online, and the vehicle is delivered to their door. The whole process is touchless from start to finish. “With OnePay, it’s seamless. Customers really like it.”

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Giving Consumers More Options

Customers who prefer to pick up their vehicles themselves also appreciate OnePay. After they handle payment in advance, their keys can be left with Reception when Service closes for the day. That’s made pick-up hours at Hyundai of Greer much more flexible.

Even during normal Service hours, OnePay improves consumer interaction: “A lot of times, customers like to take care of their bill ahead of time; when they come in, they just sign and go. That’s huge. It really speeds up the process.” All of these options, backed by an unwavering commitment to customer service, have helped Hyundai of Greer raise their Service business to impressive levels during the most challenging economic times: “We’re a lot busier than anticipated,” understates Burdzy.

And now, he knows exactly how much busier thanks to OnePay, which fixed an operational issue the prior system couldn’t address — Service Advisors accepting payment without immediately closing ROs. “We were closing 20 to 30 repair orders at once … you can’t track your success that way.” OnePay turned that around. “Once you take payment, it closes. I needed that!”

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