Gene Richards
| 5 July 2017

Building Customers For Life: One Portal at a Time

Ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty has always been a key priority for heavy equipment dealers. With the market estimated to be valued around 334 billion dollars for 2017, it’s never been more important. To add to that, dealers must navigate 24/7 demands, new channels of engagement, and a change in how those in the industry work. These challenges complicate the way business is done and the way lifetime customer relationships are built. But have no fear! As business grows more complicated, new technology rises to meet the challenge. One way dealers are improving their engagement and service is through dedicated customer sales portals that provide always-on service on any device – any place, any time. This includes access to invoicing, service updates, appointment scheduling and more. These portals offer a better customer experience, which can lead to brand loyalty while also providing dealers with a platform to quickly adapt to growing demands, such as rentals and increased online purchase.
With this in mind, here are three essentials dealers need to remain in step with their customers’ interface — and to stay a step ahead in building customers for life.  data-entity-type=

1. Make it Easy Don’t overload your customers with a challenging interface, too much information or other barriers to access. A successful customer portal needs to be simple to navigate, be available and responsive on all devices, and most importantly, help customers find a quick solution to their problems. To ensure this engagement, consider integrating with a searchable database of parts and equipment, easy-to-find navigation and response-back tools or forms.

2. Make it Customer-centric A portal should allow for 24/7 account access where customers can view their invoices, order parts, schedule maintenance appointments, manage their equipment fleet and more. In addition, make sure the portal does not solely become a repository for customer documents. It must be updated and streamlined for improved user engagement in order for it to be effective.

3. Make it a Business Priority Customer portals have the potential to increase customer interaction, reduce labor costs and allow employees on both sides more time to focus on business. These benefits can directly affect your bottom line, so the portal should be a business priority for any dealer.

While the world of heavy equipment dealers continues to change, the technology needed to meet those changes needs to adapt as well. Customer portals are just one of the many ways dealers can better serve their customers and ensure that they keep coming back.
Curious about how you can use customer portals in your business? CDK My Dealer Access. may be the tool for you.

Gene Richards
Gene Richards

<p>Gene has been Product Manager with CDK since EDS was acquired by ADP/CDK in 2004. Gene has over 31 years of experience delivering products and services to dealers in the automotive and heavy equipment markets, with a focus on Fixed Operations and OEM Communications. With CDK Heavy Equipment, Gene’s mission is to deliver innovative mobile solutions to customers, while continuing to expand his product and industry knowledge.</p>

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