Automotive Retail is Changing: Evolving your IT Network
by CDK Global | 17 May 2019

Automotive Retail is Changing: Evolving your IT Network

If you're a homeowner, you rest with ease knowing that your home's foundation is solid, the pipes and plumbing are working fine, and your family is secure. And just like your house, your IT Network needs to have a solid foundation for your business. The thought of overhauling or repairs can be very intimidating. However, it doesn't have to be. Planning and installing an agile, responsive network that provides a solid performance can help save you from trouble later.

Evolving Technologies
Today, every industry — including the automotive industry — is being reshaped by technology. Technology has pushed automotive vehicles to new heights in safety features, fuel efficiencies and longevity. Similarly, evolving IT technologies in the cloud, WAN and networking have improved efficiency, visibility, and performance while lowering IT and support costs.

Traditional network data centers are morphing as apps and data migrate across clouds. Legacy networks, or a mix of different systems, can keep a Dealer Principal up at night — especially when they are looking to implement newer technology and save money. It takes a proactive team of networking professionals to ensure everything from equipment and licensing to security patches is up-to-date.



The final stages of the car-buying process is where many customer experience challenges can derail a purchase. Imagine that your network is underperforming and your salesperson starts to experience business application performance issues when they’re with a customer. How could this issue impact your customer survey score or the likelihood of selling the car? According to IHS Automotive, shoppers spend an average of three hours in the dealership — with much of that time spent on negotiations and paperwork. How much extra time do you want your customer spending at your dealership because of IT-related issues?

Business objectives and IT capabilities are linked more than ever before. Infrastructure runs the applications that process transactions. Everything is interconnected, from the customer data that yields market insights, to the analytical tools that Dealer Principals and General Managers use strategically plan and drive the decisions that shape their business. Core applications are critical to the success of the dealership, and the network responsible for securing and connecting these applications is growing more complex and important every day.

Creating a New Network
What if your dealership applications and network were all built with the cloud in mind, and without the expensive hardware costs of a data center? As more auto dealers take advantage of cloud-based applications, like Office365, and more modern DMS and CRM systems, they often expect that agility will follow into their IT infrastructure. But without a unified IT network as your foundation, your IT operations will remain in the legacy world. This added complexity can slow down your access to cloud-based services. What auto dealers need is the ability to simplify their IT network operations — and a trusted partner that can provide proactive support for their IT network and critical business applications.

Auto dealers need a network that is a single platform, an end-to-end solution that brings reliability, security, and proactive support to drive performance across the dealership. One that is agile, always on and available. You need the freedom to focus on customers and not worry about how to troubleshoot a network problem during peak business hours. This new IT reality is exciting—and it has major implications for the typical auto dealership willing to evolve their network.



Bring Your Network Up to Date
Security vulnerabilities, remote access and cloud services are all increasing at rapid rates. Traffic patterns and applications are changing performance, plus reliability, security and business continuity requirements have become much more stringent. Network management must evolve and become smarter to meet new demands and business requirements. Small-and mid-size dealerships are challenged by a lack of both human and capital resources. Managed network solutions and support services from CDK Global provide an easy all-in-one solution for setting up, monitoring and operating network data and security services.

Learn how CDK Global can help you drive more performance from your IT network investment.

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