Anu Roberts
| 8 July 2016

6 Reasons to Use Business Texting with Customers

With today’s fast growing mobile technology, the way people communicate is changing. Dealer business is no exception. The reach of mobile phones continues to grow, in fact, there are now more mobile devices than people on earth! It’s no surprise that dealership customers continue to be more mobile. With the explosion of smartphones and their click-to-call feature, phone ups are on the rise and increased by 46 percent last year. How can you stay on track and take advantage of the growing technology?1 Use Business Texting with your customers. Here's why:


  • Build relationships with your dealership, not just the salesperson
    Business texting gives dealers more control of their brand and messaging as well as visibility of what is being communicated to clients. So the dealership builds the relationship with the consumer, not just the sales representative texting on their personal phone. Dealers can make more informed decisions about their customers when they can see every interaction their customer has had with the dealership, and tailor their messaging accordingly.
  • Save time and money
    Business texting also saves time and money by allowing dealers to easily get in touch with a consumer. It costs the dealership when they can’t gain approval for a repair and have to move the car out of the bay and begin working on another car while they wait for approval. With business texting, the dealer can improve efficiency by obtaining that quick approval with a text. In fact, studies show that 90% of texts are read within minutes.
  • Use one number
    Using the dealership’s existing local and/or toll-free phone number is key … it’s one number to text or call and one number on the business card, website or advertising campaign. If the customer wants to call the dealership instead of text, they don’t have to go searching for another number.
  • In the past, texting was just a way for teenagers to communicate during class without their teachers noticing, but that’s not the case anymore. Texting has become a trusted form of communications, and businesses that aren’t texting their customers will fall behind. Texting can get you up to speed and keep your customers coming back. 1 CDK Business Intelligence, 2015
Anu Roberts
Anu Roberts

<p><strong>Anu Roberts</strong> is a Product Marketer and expert in data communications who has helped businesses solve issues and drive profit through data-driven decisions. With her background in product development knowledge, analytical findings and dealership experience, Anu brings a fresh perspective on how to accurately measure your dealership’s success prior to the month closing.</p>

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