The New Keys to Closing Your Most Profitable Customers

Jan 27, 2015 | | 12694 |

The New Keys to Closing Your Most Profitable Customers

By Rob Campbell

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Join CDK Performance Improvement Consultant Rob Campbell to see how your dealership can make real-time investments in your most profitable audiences and harness the power of personalization to close more of your customers.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Identify your audience in real-time and align your targeting & marketing investments with your business goals
  • Create & deliver a 1:1 customized shopping experience that is proven to connect your customers to your brand, and the right car
  • Specifically leverage dynamic personalization & suggestive selling (think Amazon!) to drive online engagement with your most profitable vehicles
  • Gain real insights into the content, creative & positioning that best engage & convert browsers to buyers

The choice to manage your target audience & personalize their experiences is a choice that you deserve. Watch today to find out how focusing on the customers who make you the most money will help your dealership combat compressed margins & put you back in control of the shopping experience.

Rob CampbellRob Campbell is a CDK Digital Marketing Performance Improvement Consultant. His nearly 20 years in the automotive industry has allowed him to develop a unique automotive marketing skill-set. He’s been able to help dealers develop new and different ways of doing business that achieve high results, and while thriving in a constantly changing environment and quickly adjusting to the individual needs of our clients. His real strength comes not only in the form of new ideas but the also the ability to get those ideas implemented. Give him a shout at

Rob Campbell