Keep It Simple & Customer-Focused: NADA 2016 Takeaways

Apr 08, 2016 | | 12202 |

Keep It Simple & Customer-Focused: NADA 2016 Takeaways

By Kelsey Kruzel

NADA 2016 was filled with demos, meetings, workshops, dinners and parties. In the midst of all of the madness, we introduced new solutions and shared our newest innovations. Whether you were able to see our solutions on-site or were at home managing your dealership, we wanted to share our favorite innovations from NADA 2016. This year, our newest solutions aimed to help you Unleash Your Dealership. We highlighted a variety of connected solutions to help you realize your full potential. At NADA, the topic of customer experience was front and center. Providing a digital and seamless experience is something that consumers have come to expect. CDK Connected Store provides your customers with a connected, personalized experience from their family room to your showroom floor. CDK can now connect a dealer’s digital advertising, websites, and showroom to deliver a best-in-class brand experience. CDK Connected Store gives your dealership the ability to have customers prepare their quote from the comfort of their home and come into your dealership to complete the process, saving them up to 90 minutes. The integration between your website and your dealership provides customers with the seamless, consumer-oriented experience they’ve come to expect. Similarly integrating your customers’ experience with your dealership’s priorities, CDK Sales Velocity is an automated system that engages your customers when, where and how they want and integrates with CDK Connected Store. We realize that your customers’ experience is your foremost concern and that happy customers mean greater profits for you. Sales Velocity and Sales Velocity Plus provide you with seamless, flexible end-to-end solutions to engage your customers transparently throughout the sales cycle — all while maximizing efficiencies and profits and reducing deal cycle times. This integrated system robustly integrates and captures information about your customers and provides you with a quicker path to sale. We also want to make your life simpler. You have enough to worry about without having to worry about security or remember multiple passwords. CDK Simple ID is a secure, single sign-in to all of your applications – both those from CDK and other providers. We realize that your dealership’s security is paramount to the success of your business. CDK Connect and Secure with Dealer Data Exchange (DDX) is our basic bundle, which provides the essential network security that you need to help protect your business. There are many ways malware can enter your dealership’s system, and we realize you don’t have the time to monitor all of these different avenues. Our threat management solutions and Web traffic tools help you monitor potential risks and knock them down before they become a problem. Our watchdog service alerts you if a critical issue arises so you can worry about selling cars instead of bracing against attacks. The simplicity doesn’t stop there. CDK Call Intelligence with Voice Connect is a powerful call analytics and management solution designed to make your life easier. It provides near real-time results and reporting to help identify gaps within your communications and call flow. Our Unified Communications solutions connect your team to your customers, driving traffic and improving your customers’ experience. We’ve listened to your needs and expectations, and we’re excited to discuss these innovations with you. Contact your CDK Sales Rep or fill out the form below to have one of our product experts start a conversation on how we can help you Unleash Your Dealership

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Kelsey Kruzel is CDK Global’s Social Media Manager. From writing posts to creating graphics, she maintains that nothing should be allowed to exist without a strategy. As the resident millennial in the marketing department, she enjoys having her coworkers explain references that are lost on her and telling people that yes, social media is a job.