The Future is Now: Reshaping the Dealership Payment Experience

Aug 26, 2015 | | 10053 |

The Future is Now: Reshaping the Dealership Payment Experience

By CDK Global

It’s no secret. Mobile technology is changing everything, and it’s not just driven by the young ones. Nearly everyone is using it and a growing number of consumers never unplug. Mobility is having such an impact that it’s becoming the preferred way for consumers to do research, communicate and shop. In fact, the value of mobile payment transactions globally was estimated to top $325 billion in 2014, almost a 100% increase since 2012.

The majority of mainstream retailers are already providing their customers with a seamless experience, allowing them to shop anyway they choose – via their smartphone, tablet, desktop, or in a store – and feel their experience is consistent throughout all channels. Consumers are increasingly expecting this integrated shopping experience from all retailers, including automotive dealerships.

With the right plan, dealerships of all sizes can revolutionize the customer pay experience:

  • Enable the devices your customers want to use in communicating and paying their bills
  • Facilitate Service and Sales across every department and every customer channel
  • Promote professional delivery of a repaired vehicle to help maintain control of the customer experience
  • Ease customer concerns about the safety and security of making payments

This webinar is designed to help you:

  • Gain insight into consumer trends that you shouldn’t ignore
  • Understand customer expectations (it’s not just limited to Millennials)
  • Benefit from new payment features that meet customer expectations
  • Protect yourself from risk with new payment technologies
  • Drive customer satisfaction and dealership profitability
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