Everything you need to know about NADA Day 1

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Everything you need to know about NADA Day 1

By Kelsey Kruzel

NADA 2016

NADA 2016 kicked off with heavy discussions about the lack of diversity and opportunities for women in the dealership space. It ended with a woman being honored as Time Dealer of the Year. What a difference a day makes.

Here’s what else happened in this whirlwind first day of NADA 2016.

The winds of change
Everyone was talking about the need to adapt to the changes of the industry. Forces within and outside of the industry are causing dealers to evaluate how to alter their strategies to fit the market.

Getting Connected
It’s not difficult to tell that the world is going digital … and dealers are realizing that they need to follow suit. The NADA 2016 theme, Connect, highlighted how dealers need to embrace the change and connect to their customers, both online and offline.

NADA Chairman Bill Fox called out the need for change as an opportunity for dealers to take ownership and protect themselves against new entrants.

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Throughout the day, there were many people who called for changes in the industry. Dealers were jumping on the digital train and discussing new ways that their dealerships and dealers themselves could be online and connected. We saw many brands embracing social media and we saw attendees taking advantage of newer technologies like Snapchat and Periscope.

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The buzz about women
At a higher level, dealers were calling for the culture of the industry to shift to embrace women, particularly women in leadership positions. Conversations were buzzing on social media during the panel “Creating a Culture to Win with Women” about the disparate proportion of women in dealerships and the obstacles they face.

Time Dealer of the Year honoree Kitty Van Bortel echoed this call for all of NADA to hear: It’s time women were recognized in this industry and it’s time we enable them to succeed.

All about the customer
One of the buzzwords of NADA day one was “customer experience.” Dealers and vendors alike are talking about how to connect to their customers and provide the best experiences for them. The industry is realizing that consumers have power like never before, and they’re demanding a better experience.

First and foremost, they want to be online. Everyone is talking about how their consumers are not only online, but they want a seamless experience both online and in the dealership. Companies (like us!) are premiering new technologies that focus on improving the customer experience.

That’s all folks …
Jeff Foxworthy wrapped the day by applauding dealers for the strides they’ve made over the past few years, overcoming the recession and having the biggest year for new car sales in history. And what better way to end the day than with a classic Foxworthy redneck joke:

“If you have a full set of salad bowls and they all say Cool Whip on the side …
You might be a redneck!”

Enjoy day two of NADA 2016 and stay tuned for more NADA news!

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