Does Your Website Have Beauty and Brains?

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Does Your Website Have Beauty and Brains?

By Tom Parrish

Everyone loves beautiful things, but a beautiful thing becomes all the more impressive when it’s functional. The definition of “design” includes references to look, function and purpose. Look refers to the visual appeal of something, while functionality brings together usability and performance. A website with purpose arises when the look is married to the function and aligns with a goal.

But how do you make your dealership website look good while also being functional? You’ve just got to know what you’re building.

Seventy-five percent of users admit to making judgments about a company’s credibility based on their website design.1 The attractiveness of the design also impacts whether it will grab the attention of a customer and hold it long enough for them to explore your website. Seventy-two percent of users also cited the importance of display on their various devices.2 So how can you know what good design is? It’s not just a matter of opinion. Sure, creativity comes in to play, but good design incorporates quantitative measurements too.

Usability is critical to how a user perceives a website. Hubspot discovered that 76% of users said being able to find what they wanted was by far the most important factor in the design of a website.3For example, if a customer comes to your website looking for the latest Sonata offers, can they find them? When a Silverado shopper comes to your site, do you show them content targeted to that vehicle or does your site default to the standard sedan offer? Easily providing them with the information they’re looking for can mean the difference in whether they stay on or leave your website.

While look and function are great, they don’t really mean anything unless they drive profits for your dealership. Aligning your design tactics around your profit strategy is key to moving the needle. Adjusting the content on your website to reflect your dealership’s strategies is key to your website’s success. For instance, if you’re a dealership focused on a “one price/no haggle” model, your website should incorporate simple, friendly language and should highlight the amenities and conveniences that your dealership offers.

It’s important that your website looks good, but it’s more important that it looks good AND gets something done…after all, a great website leads to great sales. If your website needs a makeover, check out some of the beautiful and functional designs at our CDK Design Collection.

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Tom Parrish is a Product Marketer for CDK Global’s website solutions. He has deep domain experience in mobile technology and content, market experience in automotive and has held go-to-market roles in marketing, product management, sales and business development in both startups and Fortune 500 companies. When he is not working, Tom enjoys outdoor pursuits such as tennis, cycling, skiing and spending time with his family.


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