Is the Cheaper DMS Really Better?

May 02, 2017 | | 1189 |

Is the Cheaper DMS Really Better?

By Marc Imowitz

A couple weekends ago, Chicago saw its first glimpse of summer —70 degree weather, cloudless skies and new buds popping from the trees. As I rolled down the window and turned up the music in my car, I started to imagine how much better the music would sound on a boat floating out on the lake. On a whim, I started browsing the internet to look for different boats. Scrolling through, I ended up on Craigslist and a 19-footer, or more accurately the price tag, caught my eye. $300! Talk about a steal! As I continued to scroll, the nicer boats for $20,000 seemed almost ridiculous. Why would I pay so much for a boat when I could get a cheaper option? Obviously, I knew I would be giving up some of the comforts of the more expensive option, but did I really need them? I just wanted something that could get me out on the lake.

As I looked closely at the $300 boat, it seemed comparable to the more expensive one, just a little older with a little less shine. The truth came out in the fine print: “project boat, bad engine.” I took a closer look and saw that the motor wasn’t even attached. Sure, I could get it for a steal, but the maintenance and additional parts to get it to be lake-ready would surely add up. Not to mention the time and sanity I would have to sacrifice putting it back together. Was it really worth it?

Thinking about which DMS to choose for your dealership can look a lot like my boat shopping experience. The allure of a cheaper option is sometimes irresistible, especially if a dealer thinks they don’t really need all the bells and whistles of a more expensive DMS. And while that’s a legitimate thought, the reality is that some of the bells and whistles are needed to get the most out of your dealership. And some features aren’t as optional as you might think – like having a working motor on a boat.

Because what good is it if I launch my wonderful new boat in the harbor, get out to the middle of the lake and don’t have seats for my friends, can’t listen to the music because of the broken radio, or get stranded by a faulty motor? All of a sudden, my perfect summer dream has turned into a nightmare.

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