Better Dealership Marketing without Hiring Another Employee

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Better Dealership Marketing without Hiring Another Employee

By CDK Global

Marketing evolves each year with the introduction of new technologies, new social media outlets and changing generational wants. Staying on top of the latest trends in a multi-channel environment – where consumers are researching and shopping both in store and online – can be challenging. Multi-channel marketing refers to the multiple ways your consumers are experiencing your dealership’s brand – such as billboards, websites, advertising, and social media.

A June 2015 study by Lewis PR found that 84% of senior marketers worldwide said multi-channel marketing was a key focus of their current marketing strategy, and the same percentage intended to increase marketing spending on such campaigns in the coming year. With so many different channels available today – such as print and digital ads, social, in-store signage, radio, television, and your website – it’s getting harder and harder to create and implement an effective marketing strategy that utilizes all of these different parts.

The big deal with dealership marketing
Many dealerships – large and small – lack the resources to create a fully staffed, full-time marketing team who can manage the various ways shoppers will connect with their brand. This means that most dealerships won’t have the time to analyze all the numbers and evaluate what is really working. It takes a metaphorical village to provide a consistent experience and brand message in the showroom, in your ads, and on your website.

The Lewis PR study also found that nearly a quarter of marketers indicated that they lack the time and resources to develop and execute a multi-channel campaign, and over 20% lack the understanding of how to develop and execute them. Many of you can relate. Dedicating resources to marketing isn’t always a top priority.

This is where your digital marketing partner can be of great assistance. A quality company should be able to provide you with a team of automotive marketers who will partner with you to turn strategies into actionable results across mediums. Time is a valuable commodity that you don’t always have, so the more people you can utilize the better. Using external experts – who can provide the personnel and the strategy needed to execute effective marketing campaigns – will give you time to focus on selling cars and servicing customers.

Your digital marketing partner can help address the most significant challenges in developing multi-channel campaigns. According to Lewis PR, these include analyzing campaign results across channels (e.g... Are customers responding better to print ads or digital ads?), coordinating campaign strategies across channels, and knowing how much budget to invest in each channel.

Show them who’s BOS
CDK recognized these multi-channel marketing challenges years ago and developed an advertising platform to help dealers get the best results from their marketing investment. CDK captures and analyzes shopper activity to understand which advertising channels (e.g. search, display, retargeting) drive engagement and ultimately sales. Our Budget Optimization System (BOS) is at the heart of the platform. The BOS automatically adjusts your media spend in real time and distributes your dollars to the channels that matter most, at the moment it matters most.

The BOS constantly monitors your shoppers’ activity and your media performance to ensure that every last one of your marketing dollars is being spent on the advertisements proven to be most effective. This means that your ads automatically run at the right time, in the right channel, and at the right price. No more guessing.

The pros know
A quality digital marketing partner should also offer a team of professionals who can give you the full scope of marketing insights you need.

An Account Manager can help develop your overall strategy, track analytics, and keep your messaging and branding consistent. These are the experts who can really strategize your campaigns to help you reach your marketing goals.

In addition to a hands-on Account Manager, Digital Advertising Analysts can help align your goals with an effective online advertising strategy to ensure that your investment is used to reach the right customers. These digital gurus are very important in making sure that you receive the services you expect.

A few other digital services to look for are SEO optimization to expand your strategy from keyword search to website optimization, and paid search services to develop the right goals, the right spend and the right keyword buys to achieve the best results. Reaching out to the digital community via email and social is another important aspect of multi-channel marketing, so you want to make sure someone is keeping your message consistent across all your online and offline channels. And finally, your marketing team should scour the Internet to manage your reputation and learn more about how the world is talking about your dealership in the digital space.

Show me the DATA!
Then comes the hard part … gathering the numbers and trying to figure out what it all means.

An April 2015 study by The Relevancy Group found that 40% of marketing execs said analytical services for developing measurement and attribution models were the most valuable marketing service, and 36% said the same about strategic services that could help optimize campaigns.

This simply means that you need to find a way to get the stats for your marketing campaigns, and you need someone who can interpret them. With the right group of professionals and tools at your service, you can develop an effective strategy that helps optimize the way you spend your marketing dollars and attract more customers.

Don’t let the complexity of multi-channel marketing discourage you from running robust campaigns that will drive sales and increase showroom traffic. Look for a solution backed by knowledge and expertise. Do your current marketing experts have the experience needed to create a big picture strategy? Is your technology automatically choosing your most profitable channel? If not, contact CDK to learn how we can help.

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