All Work and No Play? Not in Vegas: NADA Day 2

Apr 03, 2016 | | 10279 |

All Work and No Play? Not in Vegas: NADA Day 2

By Kelsey Kruzel

In Vegas, it’s hard to ignore the intersection of play and work. Long days in meetings are followed by long meals at the best restaurants. Trusting your gut in a business decision is the same gut you trust at the Blackjack table. Even the keynote addresses begin with Michael Jackson tribute dance parties.

At the second day on the convention floor, the relationship between work and play was an apparent one. The morning began with discussions about Millennials and how their relationship with business is going to be a major agent of change in the industry.

Tom Carney tweeted, “Millennials work to live, not live to work.” Another attendee added that millennials have no clear set boundaries between work and personal life. This shift is evident for dealers both as employers and as companies. Many dealers were talking about ways to adapt to this change. The NADA Academy suggested offering a flexible schedule to potential employees in order to attract talent. Many dealers also know that their millennial customers purchase vehicles differently and are adjusting their strategies accordingly (more on that here).

The "all work and no play" mentality has shifted to one that embraces the “play” side of business. This was extremely evident in the amount of chatter and excitement surrounding the many parties hosted by NADA vendors both last night and tonight.

Even while here at NADA, dealers were looking for opportunities to play. Around the convention hall, booths were playing the March Madness games and inviting dealers in for drinks and relaxation. The NADA Lifestyle booths offered massages, manicures and even nap pods for dealers.

Many dealers were also taking advantage of the engaging activations at the booths, participating in giveaways for an Intel Compute Stick, Apple watches and a Harley Davidson and taking photos with Automotive News cut-outs and fun props. And let’s not forget about all of the selfies …

During the Chairman address, Jeff Carlson talked about the evolving nature of the industry, and today’s NADA experience embodied the evolution of both NADA and the industry. The younger generations approach to business is driving change in the industry, and dealers are doing well adjusting to this evolution.

That’s it for Day 2! We’re as sad as you are that NADA 2016 is coming to a close, but stay on the look out for our last recap of Day 3!

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