The Google Pigeon Update: What Your Dealership Needs to Know

Aug 07, 2014 | | 32 |

In the ever changing land of Google search, they’ve shaken up the rankings again, but this time with a focus on the local search listings. Nicknamed the “Pigeon update” by Search Engine Land, the bulk of the change isn’t one the searcher sees.

The new local search algorithm ties deeper into their web search capabilities and there have been updates to the local algorithm in the distance and local rankings.
— Google

By adding name, address, phone and a map, local search results now mimic organic search results more. So what does this all mean?
One of the golden rules of SEO, consistent Name, Address and Phone number (NAP), is relevant once again. The first item to check is the Knowledge Graph for your dealership. Google loves to reward its own products, so a fully optimized knowledge graph can go a long way. Google is also rewarding directories like Yelp in search results, so making sure the NAP is consistent across the different directories becomes more important.
The biggest update for a dealership listing and the “7 pack” of local results is that a search on the desktop is starting to mirror mobile search results. Setting our browser location to “San Francisco” and searching for a “Kia Dealership,” the search results start with the “7 Pack.” Bringing that search down to a more local neighborhood, we see a different set of results – based off the locations around the Bay Area.

So as you take stock of your listings and optimization changes, be aware of the neighborhoods and other terms people in your area might use to search.
As with anything in Google, the landscape is always changing, and I’m sure there is more to come with this. If you have specific questions, reach out to your SEO specialist or website administrator.
So what do you think? Will this bird fly?

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