AutoMaster Partners

Partners around the world which allow you to connect to your customers, third parties and manufactures to drive your business forward

Partners connecting to your business
CDK Global chooses its partners with great care. We demand high levels of professionalism and ethics, extensive knowledge of the automotive business, and deeply detailed local market knowledge.
We're connected
Partners access CDK Global’s products and worldwide network of OEM contacts
We exchange knowledge on a wide range of industry topics, creating a two-way street of product and business knowledge for many different markets. We hold regular partner meetings to ask questions, learn from their insights and about their evolving needs, and share information on a dedicated “Partnernet.”
Double benefit
Partners and Products benefit
When you work with our partners, you benefit twice: from the partner’s local knowledge and from the products and automotive expertise of CDK, the industry leader in dealership management. We are here to make sure that your investment will help you thrive for the long run.
Personalised relationship
Supporting your business
CDK will support you and your business they way you need to fulfill our common goals. We share with you the relationships we have with OEMs worldwide and you can benefit from developments across the globe.
What our partners benefit from
CDK Partners
  • What is there for you
  • Your relationship with CDK Global
    Your relationship with CDK Global

    CDK uses a range of industry requirements to keep your business evolving. With presence in more than 100 markets in the automotive retail industry we collaborate with OEM’s, dealers and our partners to create innovative solutions for the dealership of the future.

  • Your partner for the future
  • Your partner for the future

    For CDK and for the industry. Our vision embraces a single connected automotive retail world, with one seamless consumer experience. To reach this goal we have changed our strategy, our investments and the way we work. We look forward to working with industry partners to achieve the most important goal of all: putting customer choice first.

  • A fresh approach for innovation
  • A fresh approach for innovation

    We're proud of our innovation culture: investing $150 million annually in researching, developing and deploying products from our new R&D Centres of Excellence around the world. Taking the best people, with the right mindset to build our future - from the US to India, Denmark to the UK and across the globe.