1 July 2019

Volkswagen South Africa approve of Autoline Drive

Over the past couple of months we have spent a considerable amount of time and effort to have all the international and local interfaces for VW built into our Autoline Drive blueprint.

Our actions have yielded positive results as all the international VAG interfaces have now been fully built and certified on our Drive DMS platform. The result of getting Drive in a ready state for our VW market – both internationally and locally has also seen some positive action in the market around some of our clients signing up for their migration from Rev 8 to Drive, with the following dealer sites nearing a state of readiness in terms of their Drive migration:

  1. MSE Auto / VW Lichtenburg
  2. Thompsons VW
  3. Hatfield VW and Audi Group
  4. Alpine VW and Audi
  5. Kelston Motor Group
  6. Polokwane VW
  7. Midbay VW and Audi

Aside of the core DMS advances, the Drive dealers can also expect some other enhancements around the following areas:

  1. Group Tablet Solutions – in Drive all items recorded on the tablet such as signatures, photographic evidence plus video recordings now link directly back to the DMS customer and vehicle records
  2. Mobile Service Technician – as an addition of Drive’s mobile service workplace, our clients who have subscribed to Group Tablet Solutions will now get a fully mobile enabled technician clocking solution in addition to Mobile Service Advisor and Vehicle Health Check

Important to note that as of 2020 all future VAG interfaces will be built primarily on the Drive platform so we are excited to already see such a positive uptake of Drive in the dealer network.

The migration to Drive will most definitely future-proof their DMS solution for the next couple of decades and the CDK will continue to focus on the migration strategies for the balance of the network to ensure they are ready in time.