Meeting the needs of every department

See how each area of Autoline Drive has been customised to meet the needs of Middle East importers and retailers. 

Arabic Localisation

Arabic database fields
Arabic database fields

Allow you to store alternative Arabic information, such as name, labour description, parts description et. al. and also help when dealing with Arabic speaking customers.

Arabic printing of customer facing documents
Arabic printing of customer facing documents

All key documents can be printed in English or Arabic which helps with Compliance as well as makes it easier for Arabic speakers to understand.

Post-dated Cheque Management

A unique requirement for the region, where post-dated cheques are still commonplace, this tool makes recording and accounting for numerous cheques easier.

Consumer Finance Tools

This includes features like Internal financing, Interest calculation and deferred earning management, Early settlement and Re-scheduling of deal and transfer of equity.

Cashier Functionality

Many dealers in the region still use cashiers to save customer-facing staff handling payments. Whereas Autoline Drive offers a specific workplace view for this role with all key functions accessible to easily account for deposits taken.

Exports to Corporate ERP Systems

Many groups have a corporate ERP and require data from the DMS to keep the books balanced. CDK can offer different exports to meet corporate needs and reduce the workload.

Flexible Chart of Accounts

Different options for set up to accommodate multiple entities, divisions, brands and locations. This will give easier Management Accounts production and greater visibility for staff with P&L responsibility.

Payroll Integration

Many businesses now use third parties for HR and Payroll functions that can be integrated to CDK to ensure accurate financials and performance payments.

Electronic fund transfer for suppliers

Direct payment via bank transfer for suppliers. Bank letters where amount exceeds threshold defined by banks.

Approval Workflows

Autoline Drive offers configurable approval workflows for better control of discounts and purchasing. Limits can be set and a hierarchy created, notifying the next in line to approve or reject a request, across modules within the DMS. This allows the business to take control of important decisions and ensure stronger profitability.

Back office tools for greater Dealer IT empowerment

IT teams play a crucial role in the smooth running of the business and don’t want to wait for CDK to complete urgent tasks, so where possible these tasks can be handled in house by a competent IT team. For example: User Creation, Report Writing, Admin Permissions and much more.

CPD based ordering for multi-branch operations, distribution and stock replenishment

Centralise parts inventory and don’t leave slow stock sat in branches. Order consolidation increases efficiency and saves duplication of orders.

Vehicle custom certificate controls

Recording VCC numbers associated with imported vehicles along with controlling invoicing or crediting of vehicles based on status of the certificate. Issue and retracting of certificates plus Transfer and ownership control of certificates is provided as well.

Team-based Workshop Loading

Many workshops in the region use team structures. Autoline Drive allows for allocation of batches of job cards to a Team Lead who can then in turn distribute to their team members based on workload and efficiency.

Flexible Service Advisor Shifts

Service advisor planning across multiple shifts.

Service Advisor Workplace

A dedicated view for Service Advisors containing all that they need to improve the user experience and make their day more efficient.