by CDK Global | 07/12/2018

Drive more revenue from your Vehicle Health Checks

Time is money!

A phrase every modern workshop is familiar with. Those who want to stay ahead of the game need to make the most of their Vehicle Health Checks. They’re not a complicated task; but they do come with a lot of paperwork.

Sound familiar?

Pens, paper and double keying have no place in your workshop - there is a better way.

Vehicle Health Check (VHC) is a mobile app for iPad or Android tablets that allows your technicians to easily progress through a pre-designed workflow, using touch screen technology and automatically updating the repair order in the DMS as they go.

No more writing, no more forms, no more mistakes.

Using a RAG (red, amber green) status, technicians can highlight any necessary work on each vehicle. Even better, Vehicle Health Check (VHC) syncs with the DMS, so a quote with accurate parts and labour prices can be created straight away for the customer to view on the tablet device.

The customer can see the work that’s required and make a decision before they leave your dealership, which should reduce lost business to independent workshops.

Just ask the customer to sign on the screen, using e-signature technology.

If the customer chooses not to have the amber work carried out right away, your CRM record in the DMS automatically updates, so you can check in soon with a call or email to improve your follow up success rate.

If this sounds like a better way to grow your aftersales revenue – watch our product demo video.

VHC Touch Demo