CDK Global collaborates with Cork Institute of Technology

Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) in conjunction with CDK Global has created twenty simulated lab based independent automotive retail outlet centres using the latest CDK Drive. Each centre comes complete with all the departments you would expect in a modern automotive retail outlet i.e. vehicle sales, customer service, parts, CRM, warranty etc.

The introduction of CDK has made a significant change to the education of these students at CIT as students get a real exposure of world class automotive dealer management system. It allows for real-time, real world experiences in areas previously only delivered using theory practices.

There is an added advantage in using the CDK systems as students are familiarised to the user interface and processes which are carried out on a daily basis within industry. This comes handy especially when students seek work placement or part time work in industry. Having prior knowledge and experience of CDK allows for more opportunities, a steeper learning curve and a faster career progression for these students, so much so that most students have either received employment offers or gained employment prior to graduation. 
As the automotive industry evolves in the coming years, continuous partnership between CDK and CIT allows the automotive section in CIT to keep pace with the changing industry practices, continuously modernising and better prepare students to meet future automotive industry challenges. CIT are currently in the final stages of developing a Level 8 Honours Degree in Automotive Industry Management and Strategies of which CDK software skills will be one of the core student learning outcomes.    

Find out more about the BSc in Automotive Technology and Management (Course Code CR064) at CIT here.

Background: The BSc in Automotive Technology and Management was initially started in the mid 1970s to educate students for administrative and management positions in the automotive retail industry. It has three core pillars (Technical competency, IT and communication skills, and Management skills).