25 January 2019

Ballyrobert saves time and relieves any IT headaches by using CDK Global’s Cloud Hosting.

Ballyrobert is a Vauxhall Group of dealerships based in Bangor, Northern Ireland, that has been operating in the area since 1960. The family-run business has worked hard to build longstanding relationships with the community thanks to their ongoing commitment to customer care.

The Challenge

Graham Robinson is the company Finance Director and he was well aware that when a business uses a physical server to run its DMS and related systems, it runs the risk of a number of potential hazards – including power cuts, power surges and water damage.

Graham felt that having the server at one site and feeding other sites was too risky so this led to him persuading the Board of Directors to upgrade from their on–site server to CDK Global’s Cloud Hosting (HSP).

“We had a number of problems over the years with power cuts and surges and a minor flood at one stage and this led to a lot of downtime for the 50 users and point of sale staff trying to keep manual records until the server came back up again. This caused us untold difficulties with potential lost sales and data and that’s the main reason why we opted for HSP from CDK Global,” he says.

The Solution

When Graham and the business decided to upgrade to HSP they weren’t just replacing their physical server, they were also ensuring their entire IT infrastructure would be secured in the event of any future localised catastrophes.

“We thought that in future if we get a power cut, most of which tend to occur during the night, that as soon as the power is back on, the staff can immediately get their DMS up and re-commence work with the confidence that they will have no lost or incomplete data to worry about."

“We also use CDK Global for hardware maintenance, software maintenance and the team at CDK in Dublin look after all our PCs, our entire infrastructure and even our email hosting and anti-virus software,” Graham added.

The Results

Introducing HSP has helped Graham and the business save time when it comes to updating and uploading data to their DMS, something they need to do on a weekly basis in the form of CAP Franchise Data.

“These are massive files and it took me a couple of hours a week to download this data from their website and upload it into our server,” says Graham. “With the hosted server, we have no access to this and therefore one of the CDK team does this for us on a weekly basis. All I have to do now is upload the data into our DMS which only takes a few minutes.”

With the future of the business in mind, Graham believes the upgrade to HSP will also mean a smoother transition should Ballyrobert decide to upgrade their Autoline 8.35 DMS and its current 50 users to CDK Global’s Autoline Drive.

“One other reason for opting for HSP was that if we decided to upgrade to the Autoline Drive system, which is on a hosted environment only, then at least we’ve already taken this first major step towards this,” he says.