Great support, whenever you need it

Service Connect Anywhere gives your team the highest quality support across all your CDK solutions. Our digital platform is convenient and makes waiting on the phone a thing of the past. We have added our highly rated Live Chat support to an expanded range of support services -  all available anytime, anywhere you need them. 

Live chat

Live Chat is much faster than the phone or emailing us. There's no listening to prompts, waiting on hold or repeating your issue.

  • Digital support, including Live Chat, has high customer satisfaction ratings and fast response times
  • You no longer have to tie up your phone lines when you have a support need
  • Access support anytime, directly from your DMS or with Service Connect Anywhere via a web browser


No more waiting on the phone

We provide a wide range of support services, including self-help tools, Live Chat and case logging, many of which can be accessed directly from Service Connect Anywhere.

  • Forget being put on hold - Service Connect Anywhere is just a mouse click away
  • Instant connection - with Live Chat, the second you press Send, we're familiarising ourselves with your needs
  • Real support, right now - connect with the right expertise for every issue, every time


Fast resolution to your support issues

Smooth-running IT systems, in particular your DMS, are critical to your dealership's success. Should any hardware or software issue occur, we work for a quick resolution to minimise disruption to your operations.

  • Proactive monitoring of your system hardware
  • Often, we'll know about your problem before you do
  • Our support associates are always ready to help


Choose from a range of innovative support solutions

Service Connect is your helpful digital support platform, linking you to a variety of digital support services.

  • Knowledge Base: self-help with a range of support articles and videos
  • Live Chat: communicate directly with a support associate from your PC, laptop, tablet or mobile