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CDK Partners: Certified

Automotive Systems UK Limited Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) FCA Regulatory management Connected Sales Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) is a bespoke FCA Compliance software which allows for the compliant advice, offer and sale of general insurance products and consumer credit finance agreements to automotive dealer customers.
autoVHC Snap-On logo autoVHC Automotive Aftersales Software Connected Workshop Integration between CDK and autoVHC will create an end-to-end process enabling our dealers to seamlessly transfer data pertaining to jobs, parts, stocks, prices and more between the two platforms improving efficiency within the dealership.
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CitNOW Workshop VHC video Connected Workshop CitNOW’s integration with CDK enables technicians to be more efficient by providing them with a list of customers booked on that day meaning less manual admin of details and less errors occurring when completing the customer’s eVHC video.
Dealerweb Showroom Lead and sales process management system Connected Sales Dealerweb Showroom synchronises relevant sales and enquiry data across systems, thereby reducing the need for double-keying and helping dealers lower costs, increase efficiencies and ensure compliance.
AutoCleanse MOT and owner data Connected Workshop AutoCleanse from eDynamix automatically checks all current vehicle records from your DMS against DVLA and DVSA information to ensure the accuracy of MOT data and vehicle ownership. Dealers can cleanse their data and increase revenue while reducing the cost of unnecessary reminders.
Showroom Sales lead management system Connected Sales By directly synching customer data from the DMS, the enquiryMAX integration eliminates the need for re-keying and dealers also have access to real-time, accurate vehicle stock data.
Digital Service Reception Service Reception Connected Workshop Integrating with CDK, the TjeKvik Digital Service Reception will receive and update data in the dealers DMS to provide customers with a full digital service reception journey, including 24/7 mobile or in dealer check-in, check-out, online payment and added value sales opportunities.

CDK Partners: Certification in progress



Auto Service Finance Aftersales payment platform Aftersales Connected Workshop The integration with Auto Service Finance (ASF) enables service advisors to process 0% finance for customers in just a couple of clicks. The solution will pass through any available necessary data and improve the quality and accuracy of the data processed by ASF, meaning more work is approved in a quicker, more efficient manner.
ClickStock Stock Acquisition Connected Sales The ability to seamlessly profile stock by utilising valuable data insights, as part of the ClickStock vehicle inventory platform.
eDynamix logo iVHC Service Connected Workshop iVHC is a cloud-based electronic vehicle health check platform and complete electronic vehicle health check system that helps service workshops improve efficiency and profitability.
Graco logo  Pulse Pro Fluid Management Oil inventory management and control Connected Workshop The integration of Graco Pulse Pro with CDK's DMS gives today’s innovative service workshops complete control of all fluid and oil dispenses to ensure accurate customer billing and efficient stock management.
Customer and vehicle service data in the CDK DMS are wirelessly transferred and matched for authorised dispense on smart Pulse meters. The meters send back service completion data via Pulse HUB to the DMS for accurate customer billing. Report specifies: who performed dispense, where, to which work order and what type / quantity of fluid was used. Ensuring transparent and profitable stock control.

iDealFILE Electronic deal file platform  Connected Sales By collaborating with CDK, iDealFILE will have seamless access to increasing levels of data which will enable increased functionality, powerful reporting and efficient product development.
Marketing Delivery logo Marketing.Delivery Sales - CRM Connected Sales Update of customer preferences and personal details from within the Marketing.Delivery system emails, SMS messages and webforms.
Marketing Delivery logo Marketing.Delivery Service - CRM Connected Workshop Update of vehicle details and key dates from within the Marketing.Delivery system emails, SMS messages and Webforms. Linking services from other data sources e.g. DVLA, Service Plan providers, OEM telematics to maintain accurate vehicle records.
Marque Group logo Cleanse as you go Customer Management Connected Workshop Integrating with CDK, Cleanse as you go will regularly extract data from CDK's DMS to check and amend both MOT due date and vehicle keeper details. Amends are automatically pushed back into CDK. This reduces irrelevant customer communications, generates resource and marketing savings whilst boosting booking opportunities from clean data.

RTC Aftersales Aftersales system Connected Workshop RTC users will benefit from an enhanced, comprehensive integration with the RTC product, providing a robust end to end aftersales experience for their customers.

CloseIT Showroom system Connected Sales CloseIT is a flexible showroom system allowing sales managers freedom to design their own qualification and appraisal process.
StockBook Group-wide vehicle data - vehicle inventory Connected Sales By integrating with CDK, SalesMaster will be able to further enhance StockBook data with a direct link for all DMS stock vehicle information, the two-way integration will also allow the updating of reserved vehicles in real-time.
Vehicle Vision logo Vehicle Vision Aftersales Personalised Aftersales Video Connected Workshop By directly transferring customer, vehicle and VHC data from the Dealer Management System, the Vehicle Vision integration increases productivity, efficiency and automation when creating personalised Aftersales videos.

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