by CDK Global | 7 January 2020

CDK Global launches ‘Dealership Dilemmas’ series to assist retailers in enhancing services

It’s a new year, and to ensure dealers know what to expect in 2020, we’re launching a ‘Dealership Dilemmas’ series - three whitepapers, each focusing on a problem common to automotive retailers across the UK,  which will be rolled out in the coming months.  The first whitepaper will focus on how dealers can improve their digital presence.

In the ever-changing world of automotive retailing, dealers need to ensure they remain competitive and meet customer demands. Customers expect to be able to interact with brands online, so it’s vital for dealerships to have a strong digital presence. Dealership Dilemmas One explores this in greater detail and presents dealers with examples and case studies to help with inspiration and ideas on digital improvements.

Research has found that an average of 10 hours is spent by car buyers online, searching for information and deciding when and where to buy[1]. In the 24/7 always-on world that we live in, customers expect to be able to make a purchase anywhere and at any time across multiple touchpoints with 70% of global customers preferring brands that provide service across multiple channels[2].  Dealers have to offer as good a digital experience (whether it be your website, social channels or on apps) as they do in the dealership if they are going to continue to target and win new customers.

Find out more about Dealership Dilemmas and download the first whitepaper here: Download the whitepaper.

Stay tuned for the next installment of this three-part series.

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[2] Freshworks: The new rules of customer engagement