15 June 2018

Roadside Garages - Keeping Londonderry drivers happy with Autoline Drive

The Customer 

Roadside Garages has built a reputation for great value and strong local relationships throughout its 28 years in Londonderry, Northern Ireland. The company's calling card is an unwavering focus on outstanding customer service, including a team of accredited automotive technicians with over a century of experience between them. 

The Challenge 

Keeping up with a fast-evolving industry is a challenge every dealership faces, whether that means changes in technology, in processes or in meeting customers' expectations. “Regardless of what you are doing for the customer, big or small, they will always expect it to be handled in the right manner,” says David Boyd, who currently heads Roadside Garages as Retail Operator and has seen many changes in the dealership over the years. 

In recent years, Roadside realised they needed a fresh edge in managing their rising volume of business: from making checks on works in progress to monitoring vehicles ordered and acquired. For help, they turned to Autoline Drive from CDK Global. 

You only have to put the information into the system once. For example, you can order a car, put a quote on a car or invoice a car, and it avoids information duplication
David Boyd Retail Operator

The Solution 

Autoline Drive has begun helping Roadside stay organised and efficient, allowing their team to monitor their activities more completely, says David. “At the moment we have to input all the customer’s data onto the finance system, but once we input it to Autoline Drive that should be everything from quoting to ordering to finance, all in one go.” 

One big benefit Autoline Drive has brought to the business is the financial module, which David agrees will help improve efficiency for Roadside Garages. 

“In the industry nowadays you need to know where you’re going on a daily basis and Autoline Drive helps us keep on top of that. Whether it’s daily paper sales or WIP, once you get used to the system you know what to look out for every day.” 

The Results 

Autoline Drive has helped Roadside Garages avoid duplication in invoicing, saving hundreds of hours of time in data input. “You only have to put the information in once," David says. "For example, you can order a car, put a quote on a car or invoice a car, and it avoids information duplication." 

With the future of the dealership in mind, Roadside has plans for further integration next year. “The next step is to start the Call Manager feature and actually have someone making outbound calls through this module,” David says. Autoline Drive is helping Roadside Garages maintain its position as one of Londonderry’s most respected dealerships