15 June 2018

Hendy Group - Improving their customer satisfaction and gaining workshop efficiencies thanks to Mobile Service Advisor

Challenges - Congestion at check in and a one size fits all approach

The Hendy Group has achieved success by acting quickly upon opportunities as they appear and they regularly review their operations in order to remain efficient and keep up with their vehicle manufacturers’ changing demands. Their priority is ensuring customer satisfaction and they are passionate about using innovation to improve the dealership experience.

Hendy recognises that they have two distinct customer types; the commercial customer and the retail customer. Both were experiencing congestion at their busy service check-in areas at peak times and there was very little personalisation to the service – everyone was treated the same.

Solution – A mobile service desk ideal for commercial customers

With the service desk congestion issue ever present, Hendy were keen to trial Mobile Service Advisor, a tablet-based mobile check-in tool. It enables service advisors to check-in a customer’s vehicle, perform a Vehicle Condition Report (VCR) and carry out a Vehicle Health Check (VHC), alongside the customer out on the forecourt.

Hendy recognises the trend towards express check-outs, self-service tills and drivethroughs, all of which provide a fast, efficient customer experience that they know their busy commercial ‘key chucker’ customers will appreciate. With this in mind Hendy are using the Mobile Service Advisor application to create an ‘express check-in’ solution, whereby the site controller identifies commercial and fleet vehicles and checks them in using a tablet device performing a vehicle condition report as soon as they drive onto the forecourt. Stuart Fitt, Group Service Manager, Hendy Group describes how he sees Mobile Service Advisor supporting their vision; “We want to be in keeping with retail trends by giving our commercial customers the option of an express route to check-in. This gives us to more time to provide a personalised experience to our retail customers in store.”

Benefit – A slick, professional check in process and happy customers

Fitt explains how Mobile Service Advisor now supports their different customer types; “Our commercial customers want the choice of both an express check-in or the traditional desk based check-in”. He continues, “By taking a third of our customers away from the service desk, we can focus on those customers who do want to chat”. Spending extra time with those customers who want it will ultimately, improve customer satisfaction.

Mobile Service Advisor allows retailers to spend more time with those customers who need it. Fitt describes the solutions impact; “We have seen positive impact on customer satisfaction for commercial customers. They just want to get on with their day. It’s a very slick process. Mobile Service Advisor also saves us an additional 30 minutes per day per technician”.

This additional time can now be used within the workshop, resulting in potential additional workshop revenue. For customers, the major benefit of Mobile Service Advisor is time saving. For Hendy, the valuable time that it saves their commercial and fleet customers makes a real difference.

"We want to be in keeping with retail trends by giving our commercial customers the option of an express route to check-in. Stuart Fitt, Group Service Manager, Hendy Group"