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Connecting the automotive retail industry


For more than 40 years we have been helping our dealers with the tools and technology they need to build deeper relationships with customers.

Creating the perfect car buying and ownership experience

At CDK, we understand that automotive retailing is more than a sales business, it is a relationship business. It is what customers experience when they walk through your doors or visit your website, that determines success. Your teams provide the essential human touch. Our job is to provide the technology to support you.

We help dealers provide relevant and engaging interactions at all points on the customer’s path to purchase. Throughout the ownership experience - from researching to buying, and maintaining to upgrading, we are with you every step of the way. CDK helps you create a seamless automotive consumer experience.

A connected platform for the future

Our integrated technology supports your business by linking systems, departments and sites, keeping you connected to your customers and streamlining business processes. Our products help you market, sell and service vehicles from a single platform.

A valued partner for the long term

Just as you strive to build lasting relationships with your customers, we aim to make a lasting commitment to you. We have worked with our customers for an average of 20 years, and we want to continue to provide good reasons to stay. 

Case Studies

Soper of Lincoln
Soper of Lincoln: CitNOW

Using integration between CitNOW and CDK to build customer trust and simplify processes.


Laharts of Kilkenny : Autoline Drive streamlines processes
Laharts of Kilkenny : Autoline Drive streamlines processes
Steven Eagell
Steven Eagell Toyota : How a good telephone system achieves seamless operations

Zoe Matthews, Contact Centre Manager at Steven Eagell Toyota shares how CDK’s Voice Connect solution has transformed their operations by enabling real-time reporting.