You can't make your dealership better while stuck processing payroll. Focus on the tasks that matter while we streamline your payroll capabilities.

Stay Productive
Stay Productive

Eliminate time spent on manual entry into the CDK Legacy Payroll system.

Cut Costs
Cut Costs

Increase payroll accuracy while decreasing costly errors.

Keep Updated
Keep Updated

Employees can look up their payroll information from any web-enabled device, anytime.

Payworks Features
We have partnered with Payworks to provide innovative cloud-based products, including payroll, time and attendance and human resources solutions for our Canadian customers.
Secure Remote Access
Manage payroll anytime, from anywhere, with the intuitive cloud-based application.
Simplified Processes
Increase payroll accuracy while decreasing costly errors. There's no software to install or maintain, and strict funds management policies and internal controls ensure that you can pay your employees with confidence.
Save Time
Significant time savings through the automated push-pull integration from CDK IntelliDealer into Payworks.
Employee Access
Rather than requiring someone else's time to provide pay information, employees can look it up themselves from any web-enabled device.
Reduce HR Headaches
Manage critical HR-related functions, including employee profiles, performance and recruitment, from one central location.